Clubs & Organizations

Academic Competition
Eric Wasserman

Students will meet twice a month to practice various competition formats from jeopardy to toss up/bonus buzzer meets. If you enjoy game shows, are knowledgeable in many subject areas, and can think quickly, come take a qualifying test. Most competitions are on Saturdays, some are after school, and a few during school hours. Until further notice, members will be notified of virtual meetings that will be held at 1:00 PM.

American Sign Language Club
Katherine Beggiato

Students meet twice per month to learn and practice American Sign Language with their peers. Through games and general interaction, they will become familiar and comfortable with the vocabulary and grammar, while also learning about Deaf culture and its history. All levels are welcome - novice especially encouraged. Twitter account is @HCRHSASLCLUB

Astronomy Club
Casey McMahon

The Astronomy Club is open to all students who would like to learn more, share knowledge, and discuss all aspects of space, stars and the universe. Students will have the opportunity to discuss the history of astronomy, current events, future technology and discoveries, organize star-gazing opportunities, and more. Contact Ms. McMahon for more information.

Black Student Union
Evelyn Diaz & Gayle Brown

The goal of the Black Student Union is to help create a better and safer community of support for black students in our school including mentors, peers and allies; as well as to educate the broader student body on social issues concerning minorities and advocate for members of non-dominant groups. We will work with the Racism, Equity and Diversity Committee by providing insight into the issues we face in school. The BSU promotes proactive leadership, community outreach, and student empowerment; members will have an opportunity to improve creative problem solving skills and critical thinking. The club embraces cultural heritage, unity and appreciation of diversity. Our meetings are open to anyone interested in supporting us and learning more!


Katie Kelly

Bookworms meet weekly to discuss member selected books. This year the club members hope to write book reviews, read pre-publication copies of new Young Adult books, have a literature/text movie screening and fundraiser, and engage younger writers in the joys of reading.

Bridges Club
Carly Toth

Bridges Club is a program with the mission of improving relations between the school and its community. The club will plan events and serve different groups of people in our surrounding community.

William Magalio

Cabaret is a talent show opened to all students at Hunterdon Central. The Students work on their own and prepare individual acts to audition. Between 20 and 30 acts are selected, ranging from vocal and instrumental acts, comedy routines, magic and dance acts. All types of variety entertainment will be considered. Seniors also have the opportunity to audition for the roles of emcees. Emcee auditions will take place in March. Individual act auditions will take place in April, and the performance will be in early May.

Central Mural Arts
Lindsay Hopkins

Central Mural Arts is a student run organization that provides art as a service around the community. Possible projects include painting murals to be hung around campus, the Holiday Art Market, working monthly with the EKWIPS students, and lending our talents to school events and activities. Projects vary by time of year and students attending. Rather than weekly or monthly meetings, participation is scheduled according to each student’s availability or the projects of interest. Email Ms. Hopkins for details.

Chemistry Olympics

Leon Copeland

Kids form into groups and choose between several Chemistry-related projects in February. After preparing for a few months, the groups compete against other NJ high schools at the Chemistry Olympics competition, at NJIT in mid-May. Arrangements can be made with an advisor for alternate meetings days.

Children's Play
Alex Rupp

Rehearse and perform a play for children at the elementary schools in the district. Actors are also expected to make their own costumes and help with props and scenery. Open to all grades. This play is less competitive in terms of roles than the main stage plays (9/10; 11/12; Musical) and numerous people are needed because it is double cast. A good opportunity to get experience and for crew people looking to get their acting requirement to become a member of the Thespian Society. Auditions are in the spring after the musical. Listen to morning announcements for information.

Chinese Honor Society
Shengwen Lo

The National Chinese Honor Society is open to students who are currently enrolled in Chinese 3,4, 5/AP, have had at least two Chinese courses at the high school level, and are maintaining an average of 3.7 or better in Chinese, and an overall average of 3.1 or better, are invited to submit an application for membership in the Chinese Honor Society. The Chinese Honor Society sponsors various activities includes celebrations of Chinese holidays, service learning projects connected to Chinese and Asian culture. We also promote the value and application of Chinese language and culture throughout the school year.

Shengwen Lo

The Chinglish Club is open to students in all grades. The purpose of the club is to encourage and promote interest in Chinese language, culture, as well as community service. All students who are interested in Chinese language and culture are welcome to join. The club will meet during block 5 on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month in Room 606.


Hillary Colton

Chorale is an auditioned choir that performs acappella music of a difficult nature. Auditions are held in September.

Circolo Italiano: the Italian Culture Club of HCRHS
Heather Cole

Give students the opportunity to discover, celebrate and experience Italian culture through language, food and traditional activities; enrich student's knowledge and appreciation of Italian culture.

Class Council

Class Council is a grade level division of student government with separate elected officers. It is responsible for fundraising, decisions about class activities, consensus building, organizing dances, and providing the class with opportunities for social involvement. See advisor for details.

Class Council: Class of 2021
Stephanie Robotin
Dan Vollrath

Students involved in the Class of 2021 Class Council organize and run fundraisers for both the class and the school. Students promote school and class spirit all while raising money for their proms, class events, and local charities. We have monthly meetings which will be announced on our Google Classroom and on morning announcements. Feel free to email Ms. Roboitn & Dr. Vollrath with any questions!

Class Council: Class of 2022
Katie Kelly
Kevin Maldonado

Work cooperatively with school community, co-advisor and administration in guiding the students to promote the following: School spirit, communication among peers, leadership, guidance or peers, fundraising and cooperation.

Class Council: Class of 2020

Scott Saks
Christine Kania

Class Council is a student government organization that fundraises and coordinates events for the class, and promotes student involvement and school spirit. While the Class Council will run most events independently, there will be some collaboration with other grade-level class councils. The class will be sponsoring a trip to an amusement park in October and hosting the last band standing concert in January. The council will also be selling t-shirts and magnets. Please contact Mr. Saks or Ms. Kania for meeting dates.

Class Council: Class of 2023
Megan Augusta
Trini Pulak

Class Council is made up of students from the class of 2023 who want to be involved in activities that their class supports. The club organizes fundraisers to support their proms as well as area charities. This club will meet virtually on either Wednesdays or Thursdays. Please listen to announcements and check school email for information on meetings and upcoming activities. Please contact the advisors to get the Google Classroom code.

Class Council: Class of 2024
Katie Kelly
Kevin Maldonado

Class council is a grade-level student government organization that fundraises and coordinates events for the class and promotes student involvement and school spirit. While the class council will run most events independently and for the class of 2024, there will be some collaboration with other grade-level class councils. Types of possible events and activities are amusement park trips, music competitions and concerts, and festivals. The class council coordinates proms for both junior and senior years. Fundraisers vary and usually include clothing sales. Meeting dates and times will be posted on daily announcements and on class google classroom sites. Please contact Sr. Saks or Ms. Kania with any questions.

Code Club
Jane Armellino

Interested in coding? It’s a skill that is increasingly important in our technological world and it is FUN! This year we will be continuing work on app development that was begun last year, as well as tackling other projects of interest to code club members. Bring your determination and curiosity, no previous experience required. The Code Club meets on Thursdays in the IMC maker space when we are in person. During our hybrid period we will meet on Thursdays at 2:00 on Zoom. Email for the Zoom information.

Competitive Programming Club

Jane Armellino

Competitive Programming is a mind sport usually held over the Internet or a local network, where participants program according to provided specifications and compete in programming competitions that are held weekly or bi-weekly. If you are interested in developing your programming skills by solving logic based problems involving data structures, algorithms, and fundamental mathematics, please contact Mrs. Armellino for more information at

Tracy Giannattasio

Members of the Connect Club will attend weekly luncheons, as well as social activities such as football games and plays, to support special needs students. Members will receive training. Consider making a special connection with a special friend in The Connect Club. Please email the advisers for access to our Google classroom and the most up to date information.

Dance Team

Carly Toth

The Dance Team promotes school spirit through multiple performances at school events and activities. The team trains and performs in various styles of dance such as jazz, pom, and hip-hop. The season runs all year, as the team prepares to compete in regional and national dance team competitions, as well as attending summer camp. Auditions are held in May for incoming freshman as well as current 9th through 11th grade students. The practice schedule varies throughout the season, but averages about three days per week, including some weekends (for performances, competitions, and fundraising events).

Doctors of Tomorrow
Michael Couch

The Doctors of Tomorrow club is the perfect way for students interested in pursuing a career in medicine to get involved. Students have the opportunity to gain more understanding and experience of the medical field through presentations, visits by doctors and volunteering. The club routinely volunteers at the Hunterdon Care Center and holds fundraisers for selected medical centers and charities for more information on the club, please contact Mr. Couch.

Dramatics: 11/12 Play
Gail Enterline

A full length, professional quality play, cast by audition, featuring 11th and 12th grade actors. Rehearsals are every day after school, and the performances are in November, for a paying audience. Please see Ms. Enterline for more information and for non-acting opportunities.

Dramatics: 9/10 Play
Melissa Copestake

Rehearse and perform a full length play for a paying audience. Auditions are open to 9th and 10th grade students only. Listen to morning announcements for more information.

Dramatics:International Thespian Society
Gail Enterline

An honorary society providing recognition for exemplary participation in high school theatre program. Students must be invited to join through involvement in theatrical activities at school. The troupe engages in community service and supports theatrical productions at HCRHS. To become a member, you must earn enough points through work on at least two full length plays. You must also work at least once in 2 of the 3 areas: A. performance; B. set construction/running crew; C. business management/publicity. Though it is theoretically possible to be admitted as a Freshman, most are admitted as Sophomores or Juniors. For the best chance, start working on plays right away in your Freshman year.

Echo (Yearbook)
Justin Moss& Christine Panzitta

Creating the ECHO Yearbook each year is a collaborative process. Students work together to craft a book that captures the experience of students at Hunterdon Central. Deciding on a theme, the team works to include as many voices in the process as possible. This includes taking photos of events, organizing crowd-sharing photos, designing page layouts, and editing. The club takes the lead on advertising and distributing the finished product at the end of the year. The club meets every Friday. Join our Google Classroom with the code q6g3hcg to get involved in this creative process!

Kelly Bousom

Do you love to write stories? Dive into the world of fun with fanfiction. Here, we play games, discuss stories, write alternate endings and shame some of our own inspirations with each other! We explore many genres such as action, mystery, comedy, etc. We discuss books and TV shows. If you are interested, come to room 202 or contact Ms. Bousum.

Fiddle Club

William Magalio

Fiddle Club is an ensemble made up of violinists that performs for community events. Students in the Fiddle Club are selected based on their performance assessment scores in their class ensemble music class, or by a separate audition. Please contact Mr. Magalio for more information.

Film Society
Thomas Heard

Film Society is a student run film-making club that meets on campus. Students who share a love of film, meet to learn more about the art, create short films, and help plan our annual Film Fest! All are welcome. Mr. Heard and Mr. Rupp run this club. Please email Mr. Heard for more information.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Rebecca Griffith
Maureen Flora

Future Business Leaders of America is a nationally known business-oriented club for students. FBLA's goals include increasing interest and understanding of the American business enterprise, the development of competent business leadership, the strengthening of student self-confidence, and the development of personal character. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities, including workshops and competitions. Meetings are held every other Monday block 5 in room 704A.

Franglais Club

Maria Amorim

Franglais Club is open to all students who are interested in learning more about French language and culture. The purpose of the club is to promote community interest and awareness about the French language and cultural traditions. Students interested in practicing their spoken French are also encouraged to attend. The group will meet to talk about French vocabulary, culture and history. We will also celebrate French holidays such as Mardi Gras, Poisson d'Avril and Souffle Day. Students do not need to speak or be enrolled French to join--they just need an interest in life a la francaise. We meet every other Thursday in room 135 during Block 5.

French Honor Society
Maria Amorim

The French Honor Society is affiliated with a national organization sponsored by the AATF. Its purpose is to foster and encourage the continued study of the French language and culture and provide a social setting to meet friends of similar interests. To be eligible, students must have completed 2 semesters of the language (through Level III) with an average of 90 or above in all French courses completed. Students must also have an overall average of 85 or higher in all other subjects. Meetings will be held every other Thursday in room 135 during block 5.

GAPP (German American Partnership Program)
Thomas Fario

The next GAPP Exchange will take place in the summer of 2021. An informational meeting will take place in April of 2020. During the 2020-2021 school year the students will meet with their advisor at least twice a month in preparation for the exchange. Students will create a PowerPoint presentation for the school in Germany. They will determine activities as well as create a welcome packet for the German students upon their arrival to the US. The German students attend school at HCRHS for three weeks in April / May. The exchange also includes trips to major cities such as Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Trier and Cochem in Germany and Strasbourg in France.

German Club

Thomas Fario

German Club seeks to provide students with a variety of opportunities to immerse themselves in German culture. Each year, we participate in Haunted High School, make gingerbread houses in the winter, work with kids at the 4th and 5th grade Parents' Night, play soccer games with other language clubs/honor societies, and eat a traditional German meal at Pheasant's Landing in Hillsborough. We also occasionally watch German movies, listen to German music, and play German board games. During GAPP Exchange years, we take part in activities that directly involve the German exchange students, such as picnics, Adopt-a-German, volleyball games, and field trips off-campus. For those who would like to enhance their German-speaking skills, we also host monthly Kaffee Klatsch during which no English is spoken. German Club is open to anyone--even those who have never studied the language before. We are always happy to see new members! Meetings will be held the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, during block 5 in room 610.

German Honor Society

Thomas Fario

The German Honor Society provides students with opportunities for German language immersion as well as community service. The Honor Society meets the first and third Wednesday of every month during block 5 in room 610. Activities include induction of new members, tutoring and a variety of activities for the assisted living facility. The honor Society in involved with actives during the GAPP exchange. At the end of the year, students also participate in the end-of-year Cultural Dinner and World Language World Cup.

Global Outreach
Ryan Herbst

Global Outreach is for students who enjoy keeping up to date on national and international issues. Throughout the year, we select two to three international charities and design activities to raise funds for these worthy causes. So far our most successful activities have been the International Food Fest, Book Drive, and Feed the Need. We occasionally collaborate with other clubs to reach out to the community and raise awareness about charitable causes. Meetings are held every Monday during block 5 in room 700.

Government & Politics Club
Darrell DeTample

Students from all political ideologies meet to informally discuss and debate a variety of issues in the news without the necessity of formal debates, conferences or competitions. Contact Mr. DeTample for more information.

Habitat for Humanity

Scott Pearl

HCRHS Habitat for Humanity meets throughout the school year Block 5, in the Little Theater the last Monday of each month. Club officers may be required to meet more often. HCRHS Habitat for Humanity works with Morris County and Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity to assist in building affordable housing for hard-working, low income families in Morris, Somerset and Hunterdon Counties. As a club, Habitat for Humanity provides students with a rewarding opportunity to get involved in our local community by contributing their time and energy towards a collective effort on two fronts: Fundraising and Building. We usually have the opportunity to volunteer in four to five "Build Days" a year. Students that attend "Build Days" will proactively participate in the construction of a Habitat home.

HC Unified Jump Rope Club
Joanna Beam

Members of this club can attend practice every Wednesday in the 9/10 wooden gym during block 5 to connect with special needs students. This is a great fun way for students without intellectual disabilities to partner and support students with intellectual disabilities. Club members will participate in weekly practices, jump rope clinics and unified jump rope performances. No jump rope experience is necessary.

Improv Club

Melissa Copestake

The purpose of Improv comedy Club is to instruct students in the art of improvisation comedy. Improv comedy is the practice of acting, talking, singing (sometimes) and reacting in the moment. We use immediate responses to a motivation, in an effort to produce humorous sketches, scenes or games, all in a matter of seconds. Students will learn to live in the moment of scene/game and use listening skills, teamwork and wit in an effort to entertain an audience. This group will meet bi-monthly in the Little Theater during Unit Lunch.

Evelyn Diaz

Interact is sponsored by the Rotary club of Flemington and is geared toward local community service. Interact will sponsor its own fundraising events, partake in join Rotary projects, and look for new ways for improving Hunterdon County. Meetings are held montly on Mondays during block 5 in the Auditorium.

Intramural Club
John Augusta

Intramural club is open to all students interested in having fun and competing against their peers on a weekly basis during block 5 in the old wooden gym. Activities in the club will begin with Ping Pong, Basketball, Volleyball and Frisbee. The club will meet every Wednesday during block 5 in the wooden gym.

Jazz Band
Robert Kenny

The Jazz Band is a select performing ensemble that rehearses from January - June. The Jazz Band traditionally performs at the HC Devils Cabaret, the HC Spring Jazz Concert and at music festivals. Students in grades 9-12 are welcome to attend auditions, which are held in December each year. See Mr. Kenny the first week of November, in the Music Building, for audition materials.

Key Club
Bonita Jaeger

Key Club is a youth service-leadership organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club volunteers at local events, fundraisers and at schools within the district to help foster a better community. It is student-led at every level: Key Club International, districts, and individual clubs are all run by students. Key Club's core values are: Caring, character building, inclusiveness, and leadership. Meetings are held every other Wednesday during block 5 in the Little Theater or 600's cafe.

Latin Club / Latin Honor Society
Greg Gichan

We encourage not only Latin students but all students interested in European culture and the culture of the Mediterranean to become involved in the Latin Club. Students participate in extra-curricular social activities centered around various aspects of Latin: e.g., Banquets and Battles, National Junior Classical League Certamen, Montclair Classics Day, and celebrations such as the Winter Saturnalia, and Spring Latin Day (Floralia). The Latin Honor Society has its induction early in the academic year with both current and new inductees creating a short performance, usually a skit, for induction night. Members of the Honor Society, students in the 3rd year of Latin with a consistent A average, are always available to help other students. Members of the Latin Club and Latin Honor Society are by default also members of the Nation Junior Classical League. Every year is different and students are encouraged to develop activities, whether the making of togas or the preparation of a Roman feast, which interest them. Meetings are held on Thursday during block 5 in room 602.

Madrigal Girls
Megan Petrushun

Madrigals is a select, auditioned choral group, made up of girls who have been in Chorale for at least one year. We perform a variety of challenging, a capella four-part women's music. The size of the group ranges from 10 to 14 members. Meetings are held Wednesdays during tutorial and Fridays during unit lunch in room 519. Extra rehearsals will be scheduled as needed. The group performs at four choral concerts and various school and community events.

Marching Band
William Magalio

Marching Band (or the Hunterdon Central Marching Red Devils) is a co-curricular activity that takes place mostly in the fall, during football season. Students play either a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument, or participate in the color guard (flags, rifles and sabers). Students learn a halftime show that is performed at all varsity home football games, as well as at several competitions. We also perform for community events, and travel every other year during spring break to Walt Disney World or the west coast. Percussion spots are limited and require an audition; however, all students can participate in the woodwind, brass and color guard sections. Rehearsals begin in the late spring and include a mandatory two-week band camp in mid-August. The competitive season runs from September until the beginning of November. Please contact the adviser for more information.

Math League/ Mu Alpha Theta
Eric Wasserman

Members of Mu Alpha Thea, the Math Honor Society, will take tests designed especially for their math level. All Mu Alpha Theta students will be required to tutor students needing help in their math classes. Mr. Wasserman, or an officer, will handle all correspondence with the various associations, announce test dates, proctor and score tests, and report scores to the various associations. Meetings are held during Unit Lunch in the Little Theater. Contact the advisor directly for more information.

Mock Trial
Semira Markos

The Hunterdon Central Mock Trial Team competes in the Vincent J. Apruzzese High School Mock Trial Competition. The team, made up of at least four attorneys and six witnesses, builds a case using testimonies and evidence provided by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. Students present their case in January in front of judges in a series of live courtroom trials against opposing teams from other high schools in the county. The goal of Mock Trial is to increase comprehension of the historical, ethical and philosophical basis of the American system of justice, to gain insight into the operation of the law, courtroom procedures and the legal system, to increase public speaking, team-work and leadership skills, to bring the law to life through active preparation for and participation in the competition, and to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship in a democracy through our system of law and justice. The Mock Trial Team meets every Thursday in room 307 during block 5.

.Model UN
Debora Frank

The Model United Nations Club is an interactive club that simulates the United Nations. Students meet weekly to prepare to participate in Model UN conferences. To prepare students must enjoy researching, analyzing and debating global issues from their country's perspective. Student will be assigned a country to role play and must debate specified global issues. Parliamentary procedure is used during all debates. These MUN conferences are made up of students from all over the world and are held over a 3 day period. Meetings are held every Wednesday during block 5 in the IMC computer lab.

Multicultural Club
Semira Markos

The Multicultural Club works to Educate through Experience, Encouraging Diversity and Tolerance, Engaging in Service. Students explore different cultures through language, poetry, literature, food, music, dance, film, arts, sports, and entertainment. As students and citizens, we connect and interact with people from all over the world. In times when prejudices and misconceptions spread so easily and affect these interactions, students work together to embrace cultures and understand them rather than ignore their significance within the world. Students can also seek out and take part in volunteering opportunities to bring cultural awareness to the community. The club meets every other Wednesday in room 307. New members are welcome any time!


Gail Enterline

The Spring Musical is open to all Central students, and cast by audition. Please look for flyers and announcements for exact dates and times. Contact Mrs. Enterline with any questions.

Musical-Pit Orchestra
Will Magalio

The Pit Orchestra is the ensemble that accompanies the musical in March. Students in Pit Orchestra are selected based on their performance assessment scores in their ensemble music class, or by a separate audition. Please contact Mr. Magalio for more information.

Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Friends
Thomas Heard

Hunterdon Central’s Muslim Student Association was created to support students, and help them plan on-campus and off-campus activities. Students partner with community leaders and have a chance to organize a MIST team to participate in the New Jersey competition each year. Please email Mr. Heard for more information.

Mythology Club

Cynthia Forck

Mythology Club is a club for students who would like to learn and share knowledge about mythology. We also discuss mythological allusions and references in modern day movies, literature, games, etc. Part of the club involves taking part in an optional Mythology Exam Contest for scholarship prizes and acclaim! Meetings are held every Wednesday during block 5 in room 802).

National Art Honor Society
Robin Rudy

This chapter will ensure and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in art, foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art, and further creative abilities and talents of the Society's members. The organization's mission is to bring art awareness to the school and community furthering aesthetic awareness in all aspects of the school's total program with participation of scholarship, service and character. Meetings are every other Monday during block 5 in room 109. The application process closes by October 1st of the school year and does not reopen until the following school year. The club is open to juniors and seniors who fulfill the requirements of 7.5 credits in the visual arts.

National English Honor Society-Red Devil’s Chapter
Jennifer Miers

The National English Honor Society (NEHS), founded and sponsored by Sigma Tau Delta, is the only international organization for high school students and faculty who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. Immediate benefits of affiliation include international recognition, scholarship eligibility, and opportunities for international networking with others who share enthusiasm for, and accomplishments in, the language arts. Students who are eligible to apply for NEHS will receive notification and an application in the spring of their junior year. Club meets every second Monday of the month in room 821.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a scholastic and service activity. Members become eligible to apply by meeting the academic criteria of a 3.75 or higher weighted GPA at the end of the fall semester of junior year . Students meeting eligibility requirements will be invited to apply in the spring of their junior year and are offered admission into the society, if they are found to meet further high standards of sustained service, leadership and character as determined by a selection committee. Accepted members are inducted in a formal ceremony in May of their junior year. Meetings are held monthly , on Fridays, during block 5. Please contact the advisor for more information.

Operation Smile
Jeanine Calhoun

Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that heals children’s smiles by providing reconstructive surgery and related medical care for children born with cleft palates and cleft lips in third world countries. The children that do survive, are often unable to eat, speak, socialize, or smile. Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft lip and/or cleft palate. This club focuses on spreading awareness, while also getting involved with various club and fundraising activities. Meetings are held every month in Room 210 during lunch. Contact Jeanine Calhoun for more information.

Peer Leadership

Julie Nealon

Peer Leadership is a service club providing volunteers for different school and community activities. Members provide friendship and leadership to other students in the school. Members offer a positive and fun atmosphere for all and provide charitable donations for community agencies. The Peer Leadership Club sponsors fundraisers such as: you've been Picked Pumpkin Pretzel Grams, Give-A-Gift,Teens Helping Teens, Holiday Cards to Soldiers, Mardi Gras Madness, and much more. Over the past several years, the Peer Leadership club has donated over $3000 to various charities, and tries to increase their donations every year. At the end of the year, the active club members participate in a fun end of the year get together to celebrate all of their accomplishments. Meetings are every other Wednesday during block 5 in room 301.

Photography Club
Robert Douglass

Photography club is a student run club that focuses on students exploring various topics of photography such as lighting, composition, interpretation and careers in photography. Students plan monthly photo contests on specific topics. In addition, every other month students plan a themed photo shoot in the studio or on location. The photo shoots are designed to help students learn how a photo shoot is organized and accomplished from pre-production, to post production, as well as learning photographic techniques and the final presentation of artwork. Students also learn how to work with models, make-up artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, and other student photographers in a creative collaboration. Photography club was created to give students the opportunity to continue working with photography in a learning environment after they have completed Digital Photo 1 & 2 or, if they do not have room in their schedule to take or continue with photography classes. Photography club runs from October to June and is open to all grade levels and students can join anytime during the year.

Psychology Club
Chris Bellotti

Psychology Club branches off of topics covered in the three psychology courses offered at Hunterdon Central. For example, we explore sensation and perception, sleep and dreaming, memory and the nature of discrimination among many other topics. We meet every other Thursday in room 919.

P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone)
Shari Calabrese

P.U.L.S.E. (People Understanding Love Serves Everyone) is a club where everyone is welcome - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and straight students, as well as those who don't have or need a label for their sexual orientations or gender identities. We play a vital role in making Hunterdon Central safer for our LGBTQ students by providing supportive and accepting spaces, as well as doing broader organizing work against homophobia and transphobia in our school and community. Some of our activities include: Ally Week, LGBTQ History Month, Transgender Day of Remembrance, World AIDS day and the Day of Silence. Please join us to show your support for diversity, acceptance and equality for all human beings. We meet weekly on Wednesdays during block 5 in room 635.

Red Cross Club
Scott Saks

The Red Cross Club participates in service projects in the community, region, nation and around the world. Our club works closely with the America Red Cross of Central New Jersey. We participate in service projects to raise relief for current issues, as well as saving for services that may be needed in the future. Current projects we organize are our annual clothing drive, blood drives, as well as donations collected throughout the year. Meetings are held once a week,during bock 5 in room 135. Please contact adviser for meeting information.

Revolution 4 Children
Michael Couch

Revolution 4 Children is a club that is dedicated to helping all children, around the globe, who are in need. We work with several different charities, including: Save the Children, United Way of Hunterdon , and the Flemington Food Pantry. We like using fundraisers to help us create awareness of issues going on around the world that affect children daily. Revolution 4 Children is an excellent global outreach program that also deals with domestic issues --both things that colleges are looking for in a well-rounded and informed students. Meetings are held once a month in room 718.

Rho Kappa-National Social Studies Honor Society
Adam Leonard

Rho Kappa is a national honor society for students that excel in social studies. Juniors and seniors may apply and be inducted into this organization based on the strength of their academic abilities, the recommendation of their teachers, their interest in studying social studies and furthering their understanding of this field, and their contributions to the community. Eligible students may be considered for admission during their junior and senior years and must meet several requirements. They must attend Hunterdon Central for at least one semester prior to their application. They must have completed four semesters of social studies and plan on completing at least six during their high school career while maintaining at least a 3.3 unweighted average. Students must also have and maintain an average of at least 3.00 across all of their coursework at Hunterdon Central. Finally, eligible applicants must show evidence of community service and provide a recommendation from a teacher describing their qualifications. Honor society members offer their services to students seeking help and guidance in their social studies courses and for those needing support preparing for AP exams. In addition, members have a role in managing, cataloguing, and displaying the collections housed in the Hunterdon Central Archives. The organization also has a charitable component, in which members select and support worthy causes in the area of social studies to support. Please contact Mr. Leonard for more information.

Robotics Club

William Brokaw

Students in the Robotics Club, the Daleks - Team 3637, participate in the planning, designing, and building of a functional robot to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition ( FIRST is an exciting international robotics competition, which is highly regarded by colleges, universities and employers. Students who have an interest in developing skills needed to design and build a 120 pound robot, as well as run the business of the club, are invited to join. There are many opportunities outside engineering and programming for students to be involved in this fun and rewarding club. Students who have interest in business management, fundraising, web design, photography, public reflations, or other skills are also encouraged to join. Off-season meetings are held at night (6:00 PM to 8:30 PM) once a week in room 807. During the build and competition season running from January to April, students meet multiple days each week, and on Saturdays, and are mentored by many local engineering, machining, programming and business industry professionals. Please contact the advisers if you have questions or fro more information.

Science National Honor Society
Jessica Doyle

Kids with appropriate science-grade credentials involved in science tutoring and grade-school outreach. Meetings are held Mondays during block 5, the Little Theater.

Ski and Snowboard Club
Shari Calabrese

The HC Ski and Snowboard Club is geared towards all skill levels of skiers and riders. We travel to a variety of mountains in the tri-state area on a weekly basis beginning in January. All trips are scheduled for Saturdays. We are planning 5 trips this year, and students have the option to sign up in advance for a trip or trips of their choice. The schedule will be distributed at the first meeting. Students who participate in winter sports should take their commitment to those sports into account in order to determine availability for ski trips. Please contact the advisor to get the class code for Google Classroom for meeting dates, locations, and other announcements.

Soldier Support Club
Darrell de Tample

The Soldier Support Club organizes activities to work with and show appreciation for active and retired members of the military through donation collections for homeless veterans and members of the military serving overseas, fund-raising for organizations that provide services to veterans and their families, and participation in social events with veterans. Interested students can reach out to Mr. DeTample for information about meeting locations and dates.

Spanish Honor Society

Scott Saks

The Spanish Honor Society is a national organization run by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portugese (AATSP) that meets monthly. After an application and grade verification process, qualified students will participate in events that will make the school community more aware of the various Hispanic cultures and the subtle differences between them. Activities in the past have included correspondences with less fortunate young people in Spanish speaking countries, and Hispanic Culture Day where the students became the teachers for an afternoon at Robert Hunter School. Meetings will be held on Thursdays, during block 5, in Room 130

Speech and Debate
Adam Leonard

The Speech and Debate Team provides students with the opportunity to engage in serious discussion and debate with other students on the team as well as individuals from other schools that attend the competitions hosted by the New Jersey Forensic League. Students can compete in two debate categories, Public Forum and Lincoln/Douglas, and a number of speech categories, including Declamation, Improvisational Acting, Impromptu Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Extemporaneous Speaking, Duo Interpretation, Prose Reading, Poetry Reading, Impromptu Speaking, Improvisational Acting, and Original Oratory. The team travels to several competitions held throughout the state beginning in November and culminating with the state tournament held in March. Meeting time during block 5 is used to demonstrate speaking and debating techniques, review feedback from judges, and allow members to practice their performances and hone their skills as a speaker and/or debater. Meetings are held every Monday during block 5 in room 303.

Stage Crew
Tim Klein

The Stage Crew provides support for the concerts, plays and other events that take place in the school's two theaters, and consists of multiple teams. The Construction Crew utilizes carpentry, painting and other skills to build sets and scenery. The Running Crew operates during performances: moving sets/furniture/props, operating curtains, etc. The Technical Crew handles all aspects of sound, lighting and special effects. No previous experience is required. If you would like the opportunity to participate in an activity where your work will be viewed by many people, you can learn skills that are applicable in college and beyond, and you can make friendships that will last beyond high school, please contact Mr. Klein for more information.

Strength & Conditioning Club

Paul Kolody

The Strength & Conditioning Club will discuss and implement different protocols for increasing the student’s knowledge of movement efficiency. The better we move the stronger we can get. Each student will be able to explain and demonstrate warm-up movements, strengthening exercises and conditioning protocols. Please contact Coach Kolody for meeting times and location.

Strides Against Stigma
Mary Woods

Strides Against Stigma Club seeks to rid our school and community of the harmful stigma surrounding mental illness. Strides Against Stigma takes a multifaceted approach to breaking the stigma. We educate our community about mental illness issues. We advocate for those dealing with mental illness. We fundraise for foundations that work to break the stigma around mental illness, such as the National Alliance of Mental Illness. And, most importantly, we are recognized as a critical voice in the conversation about mental illness in Hunterdon Central. We meet every Monday in room 802. Meetings are always open to prospective members!

Student Animal Alliance
Sean Chappe

The Student Animal Alliance is a group of students looking to improve the treatment of animals on a local, national, and global scale by increasing awareness of issues impacting animals' lives. The club advocates for animal rescues and shelters, pro-animal organizations, and companies that provide cruelty-free products. It encourages our members to mindfully adopt practices that increase animal well being and help improve the lives of all. It typically meets monthly during unit lunch in room 900.

Student Council

Christine Panzitta

The Student Council is a student-run organization and is open to the entire student body. The Student Council is responsible for encouraging and promoting school spirit. The Student Council organizes many activities throughout the school year, such as Homecoming/Spirit Week, March Madness, Mr. Central, and the running of the Snack Shack during home football games. The goals of the Student Council are to promote unity among Hunterdon Central students, build connections with their school community, and give all students opportunities to utilize their leadership skills. Meetings are held Wednesdays during block 5 in Cafeteria 001.

Student Environmental Alliance
Bonnie Berenger

Students work to educate and inform both Hunterdon Central's community and the local community about environmental awareness. The Environmental Society also pursues environmental causes for fundraising purposes. The primary focus this year is to promote Hunterdon Central's "green initiative". Meetings are held every Wednesday during block 5 in room 906.

The Lamp (School Paper)

Scott Einhorn

The Lamp is Hunterdon Central's student newspaper. It is published monthly and seeks to bring students news, views, entertainment and photos connected to the school community. There is also an online publication We invite students to become involved at any time of the year. Students interested in wrting for The Lamp can emaikl Mr. Einhorn.

Third Wave
Lindsay Warren

Club open to all Central students interested in topics related to gener equality. Third Wave will work with local and international organizations to spread awareness about how gener impacts various aspects of our comunity.. Additionally, the club engages in discussion of current events and topics relating to gender studies. Meetings are held every other Monday during unit lunch or block 5 in room 820.

Tri-M Music Honor Society
Peter Stevenson

Tri-M Music Honor Society is a national organization with chapters in high schools all across the country. Our Hunterdon Central chapter was formed a few years ago due to the dedicated efforts of several students who saw a need to recognize some of the talented musicians we have here at Central. Tri-M is a service organization, so students help out by distributing programs at school concerts, presenting musical performances at local retirement centers and nursing homes, helping to tutor younger students in music after school, or even helping with our music library (we have many band and orchestra students, and they all need to have their own copy of each of the pieces that we are performing). The group meets regularly throughout the school year, at times that vary from month to month in room 501. Contact Mr. Stevenson for more information.

Yo-Yo Club

Anthony Pomarico

Yo-yo club is aimed at teaching new people how to do yo-yo tricks and create long lasting members of the yoyo community. All skill levels are encouraged to join. Our instructors are well-seasoned players who enjoy yo-yoing and love to teach. We promote casual and competitive play, this allows for the freedom of each new member to advance however they like. We prepare for multiple contests each year and the club itself hosts a contest between the members near the end of the year. The club meets every Thursday during block 5 in room 818

Youth Government
Adam Leonard

As part of the nation's 'Youth and Government' program, this club researches issues facing the State of New Jersey and then creates legislation in the form of Bills in order to remedy these problems through governmental means. The students learn parliamentary procedure and then debate their Bills in a mock-Senate and Assembly at the State House in Trenton during a weekend-long State-wide session in the Spring. Students have the opportunity to run for student leadership roles and receive recognition for their skills in debate. Meetings are held every Thursday during Unit Lunch, in room 642.