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Hunterdon Central strives to engage as many students as possible in activities, clubs and organizations. Our comprehensive extracurricular program is designed to provide opportunities for students to explore their interests and enhance their development beyond the standard curriculum of academic courses. Research has indicated a strong relationship between participation in student activities and academic achievement; we therefore offer over 70 activities, developed to appeal to a wide range of student interests.

Our student activities program supports our District vision of "Performance Excellence for Everyone" by providing opportunities and experiences that develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, character, social and specific skills. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of our activities program by participating in the clubs, activities and organizations that reflect their interests, throughout their time at Hunterdon Central.


This morning, we learned that a Hunterdon Central employee has tested positive for COVID-19. We wanted to alert the community, even though this employee's last contact with any staff or students was beyond the incubation period reported by the Department of Health, and it is very unlikely that a new case will develop specifically from exposure to this person. Please continue reading for more information.
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On Thursday, Governor Murphy announced that he would not reassess the current school closure until Friday, April 17. Following his lead, we will remain closed and engaged in remote instruction through Thursday, April 9. Spring Break will begin on Friday, April 10, and will run through Friday, April 17, when we hope that we will receive more news from the Governor's Office. During Spring Break, there will be no online instruction for students.

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Hunterdon Central had planned to reassess our closure on Wednesday, March 25, with hopes of reopening next Monday, March 30. However, with Governor Murphy's recent orders about school closure and social distancing, we must now follow his lead. His orders did not specify an end date, so we will remain closed until we receive further instructions from the Governor's Office.

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