Health Office Procedures

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Absences from school should be reported to the appropriate House Office. For the 2019-2020 School Year, please report absences to the following:

Class of 2019 House Office: 908-284-7208 ; Fax: 908-284-7307
Class of 2020 House Office: 908-284-7206; Fax: 908-284-7308
Class of 2021 House Office: 908-284-7293; Fax: 908-284-7309
Class of 2022 House Office: 908-284-7207 ; Fax: 908-284-7305
Multi-Grade House Office: 908-284-7133 ; Fax: 908-284-7306

Please notify the Health Office if your child has been diagnosed with Chicken Pox, Measles, German Measles, Mumps, Meningitis, Lymes disease, Hepatitis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, SARS, or MRSA.


If an accident occurs to a student, that student must notify the teacher, coach, trainer or activity sponsor where his/her injury occurred immediately.

An accident form will be completed by the person in charge and sent to the Health Office. All accident reports are kept on file.

The injured student must report to the Health Office the day following the accident, or upon his/her return to school. If the student is unable to return to school within a few days, the parent should contact the Health Office.

An insurance form will be mailed home when indicated. It is to be completed by the parent/guardian, treating doctor, and/or hospital and sent to the insurance company.

Once the Health Office has completed and mailed home the insurance form, it is the responsibility of the parent to complete and forward all necessary paperwork to the insurance company. All correspondence is then between parent/guardian and insurance company. Any questions or problems that arise are to be directed to the School Business Administrator.

Our policy is an Excess Secondary Loss Policy that begins where your personal insurance stops. However, although this coverage is very broad, there are restrictions, limitations and exclusions in the policy. Students that ride in or drive to and from school in a motor drive 2 or 3 wheel vehicle are not covered by this policy.

Campus Transportation

If your child needs on campus transportation for medical reasons, the following information is required:

  • A note from your child's physician requesting transportation and stating that "the student can ride the school bus".
  • Transportation will start within 24 hours of the Transportation Office receiving all required information.

Elevators Use

If elevator use is necessary for a student, a doctor's note must be given to the Health Office and elevator access will be provided. To access the elevator, students must have their student ID on them at all times.

Field Trips

Any student who is going on a field trip and who requires an inhaler or Epi-pen must have the appropriate medication orders on file in the Health Office before they will be allowed to go on the field trip. Forms can be obtained from the Health Office or online; please click the link "Health Forms" on the left side of this webpage.


In order for a student to enter and/or remain in Hunterdon Central, he/she must meet the immunization requirements set by the New Jersey State Department of Health Chapter 14 State Sanitary Code:3 doses of Hepatitis B, or 2 doses if the student is between the ages of 11-15 and the appropriate vaccine is used.

3 doses of diphtheria, tetanus immunizations (DPT, Td)

3 doses of poliomyelitis vaccine (OPV) , live, oral trivalent

2 doses of Rubeola (measles) live virus vaccine, attenuated after 1 year of age, or documentation of antibody titers to prove immunity.

1 dose of Mumps vaccine after 1 year of age, or written certification from a physician diagnosing the disease or documentation of antibody titers proving immunity.

1 dose of Rubella (German measles)

1 dose of Meningococcal is required for those born on or after January 1, 1997.

1 dose of Varicella vaccine is required for all children born on or before January 1, 1998

Please submit medical certification to the Health Office as immunizations are updated. All students born after January 1, 1990 must have two doses of measles containing vaccine.

It is recommended that students receive a Tetanus Diptheria (TD) booster, to be administered every 10 years.

All students with medical or religious exemptions must have these verified and reviewed by the Health Office annually.

Families requiring financial assistance should contact the Hunterdon County Health Department's Reduced Cost Childhood Vaccine Program. The telephone number is (908) 806-4570.

Overnight Trips

A parent/guardian must fill out a medical information form for an overnight field trip; this form can be obtained from field trip advisors. All over-the-counter medications must have detailed instructions on administration and dosage, and must be signed by a healthcare provider and parent/guardian. The medication must be in its original container. All prescription medication must have a healthcare providers signature on the form. Only enough medication for the duration of the trip, in its original pharmacy container, will be accepted. All paperwork must be in the Health Office two weeks before the field trip. All approved medication is to be brought in the day of departure and given to the nurse accompanying the trip.


A physical examination is required for all Grade 9 and new students entering Hunterdon Central. Only one physical per year is required. All students must have their physicals performed at their medical home. The medical home of a student is his/her private physician. Freshmen must turn in their physicals by September 30, 2019.

Please note that a sports physical will fulfill the requirement for a Grade 9 physical.

New student physicals are due within 30 calendar days of entry into Hunterdon Central.

Any student (9th grade or new) who does not fulfill their obligation by the date specified will be excluded from school until the obligation is met.

Forms required for all physicals can be obtained in the Health Offices, or be clicking the link "Health Forms" on the left side of this webpage.