Information on Home Instruction

Hunterdon Central will be having online/virtual learning while we are on "home instruction", beginning on Tuesday, March 17. This type of instruction will continue for as long as is determined by the Office of the Governor.

Teachers will be sharing learning opportunities and expectations with their students through Google Classroom, Google Sites, and email. Here are some key points to be aware of regarding the expectations of maintaining your learning.

  • The time schedule below is NOT when students are expected to be online each day, but is when they can expect their teachers to be available online. It can also serve as a good pacing guide to plan work. We will continue a virtual A/B day alternating block schedule, with the same timing that is used for a delayed opening.

  • Tuesday, March 17, is a B Day. Again, students can expect their teachers to be available online to assist them in their work during these times, just as if they were on campus.
  • Students will be expected to participate in the online learning planned by each of their teachers. There may also be timelines established to maintain a good pace and to provide feedback.
  • Be sure to check in with teachers through Google Classroom or email, depending on the method they have established . Students should be sure to let teachers know that they are participating.
  • Embrace the challenge that is before us! It is a unique opportunity to continue growth as a learner while we, as a community, beat this pandemic together.
  • When we return to our normal classes on campus, teachers will work with students to strengthen any difficulties they may have experienced with this learning, before any traditional grades are entered.
  • All Counseling, House Office, and Administrative Staff will be available through email each day, just as if Central was open.
  • Collect the email addresses and phone numbers of Counselors, Vice Principals & House Secretaries.
While studying from home, the Central Hub will be available for remote support of your technology, including Aspen. Email: