Student Absence Information

An absence refers to a student not being present in school for a full block or arriving 30 minutes or more after the beginning of the block. Please report any absence from school to the appropriate house office secretary prior to 9:00 AM. (Voice mail is available outside of school hours.)

Class of 2023 House Office: 908-284-7208 ; Fax: 908-284-7307
Class of 2024 House Office: 908-284-7133; Fax: 908-284-7308
Class of 2025 House Office: 908-284-7293; Fax: 908-284-7309
Class of 2026 House Office: 908-284-7207 ; Fax: 908-284-7305

Absences are accumulated on a block by block basis. After an absence, students are required to provide the House Office with written verification upon his/her return to school. The note provided should include the student's full name, student number, date and reason for absence.

If a physician's note is available, it should also be forwarded to the house office. A physician's note is required for absences of 3 days or more. Documentation of chronic illness should be forwarded to the nurse's office and house office as soon as possible. If the absence is expected to exceed 5 days, please contact the student’s counselor as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements.

Absences from class will be counted toward a specific limit based on the length of the course. Please note that in addition to full block absences, three tardies to any block will be counted as one absence. Any tardy in excess of 30 minutes will be considered an absence to the block. If a student reaches the allowed limit, a loss of credit will occur. An appeal process is in place for extenuating circumstances.

A warning notice will be sent once the absence limit has reached the midpoint; please note that we have a legal obligation to keep all parties informed. Attendance letters will be sent via regular mail, even if documentation has been received for each absence.