School Messenger App for Parents

Communications from Hunterdon central:

Parents/guardians receive communications from Hunterdon Central in a variety of ways. Messages are always sent out via listserve - our subscriber email service - and are posted to our Homepage and the newsfeeds on our website.

Emergency messages are also sent using School Messenger.

You can choose how to receive School Messenger notifications from Hunterdon Central:

  • On your home phone (required)
  • On additional phones (mobile)
  • Via email (in addition to listserve)
  • Via text messages to your mobile phone

In order to enhance our ability to accurately deliver communications, particularly in cases of phone and power outages, you are asked to create your own contact preference profile, using School Messenger’s App.

Create Your School Messenger account & Contact Preferences:

  • Parents/guardians can create or update a School Messenger Account by going to and/or downloading the School Messenger App for their Apple or Android device.
  • Parents/guardians can sign up for a School Messenger account using the email address that Hunterdon Central has on file in Aspen.
  • Parents/guardians with an existing account must use the email on file in Aspen as their login.
  • If you don't remember your password, go to to reset your password.
  • Modifications to School Messenger contact information can be made in Preferences.

Important Information:

Hunterdon Central strongly recommends choosing the text message option on your mobile phone as a preference for School Messenger communications.

Always contact your child's House Office when the student’s Home Phone number changes. Changes you make in School Messenger will allow the automated system to reach you at your new phone numbers, but that information does not get updated into your student’s official record at school.


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