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National Honor Society students are available to tutor HC students. To request a tutor, please email:

Provide student's name and contact information, subject and best date/time for tutoring. An NHS student will contact you.


Mu Alpha Theta, the Mathematics Honor Society, provides free tutoring for math students at all levels. To request a tutor, please email:

Provide student's name and contact information, subject and course, and best date/time for tutoring. A Mu Alpha Theta student will contact you.

Instructions for Cap & Gown Photo

We are asking every senior to submit a photograph in his/her cap & gown, which will be used for the presentation of graduates during our Virtual Graduation Ceremony. It is very important that we have a cap and gown photo of every graduate by Friday, June 5, 2020.

Please use the following guidelines for the photo:

  • Head & shoulders shot, facing front
  • Only the graduate should be pictured
  • Use a neutral background

IMPORTANT: Remember that tassels are worn on the RIGHT SIDE of the cap before the ceremony,and are moved to the left side after receiving a diploma. Please make sure your tassel is on the right side of the cap in the photo!

Once you have taken your cap and gown photo, you will create your graduation slide with this template. Please add your photo in the box on the left side and your name, as you want it to appear, in the text box on the right. Use mixed case, with only the first letter of each part of your name capitalized. Your slide should then be saved with a filename of firstname.lastname Here is a completed sample for your reference.

When your graduation page is complete, submit the link to your finished slide using this form. Once submitted, your page will be copied into the slideshow of all graduates.

Here is a video that goes through the whole process. If you need help uploading your picture contact