Instructional Information - Fall 2020

Student Symptom-Free Assurance Form

On days when students will be on-campus, parent/guardians must complete a Covid-19 Daily Screening for Students Form and submit it prior to students' arrival. Information on the form, including instructions on where to find it in Aspen, are posted on the Covid Information Webpage

Overview of Hybrid Instructional Plan:

Hunterdon Central is reopening with a hybrid instructional schedule -- students have been divided into two groups, in order to reduce the number of students on campus on any given day.

  • Group 1 attends Monday (A day) and Tuesday (B day). Group 2 attends Thursday (A day) and Friday (B day).
  • We will follow an early dismissal schedule on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • We will follow a regular bell schedule (virtually) on Wednesdays.
  • Wednesdays will alternate each week between A days and B days.
  • Parents can also enroll their children in full-time remote learning using a workflow in the Aspen parent portal; these students will still be assigned to a hybrid group.
  • Hybrid groups and enrollment in the full-time remote learning option can be viewed in Aspen.
  • Student attendance is required daily, whether the student is in person or virtual.
  • Teachers may mandate attendance for remote/virtual students during scheduled class time for synchronous interactions - this includes livestreaming classes, a live lesson or demo, a scheduled meeting or small group session with the teacher, a scheduled session for group work with other students in the class, etc.
  • Students are expected to be available in the afternoon, from approximately 1 PM to 2:03 PM. They may attend class sessions, meetings with teachers or staff members, school-hosted workshops, or other relevant virtual meetings.
  • Both staff and students must bring and wear their own masks on campus at all times (inside and outside buildings). The masks should follow this guidance from the Department of Health.
  • Social distancing must be maintained wherever and as much as possible. Please note that this will not be possible in classrooms at all times.


Hybrid Groups/ Full-Time Remote Learning:

All students have been assigned to a hybrid group--Group 1 or Group 2. These groups can be viewed in Aspen. Parents may select a full-time remote learning option for their children. Similarly, parents may also select to move their children from full-time remote learning back into a hybrid group .For both of these choices, there is no finite date to make this decision. We anticipate that there will be many transitions, especially at the start of the year. Please continue to check Aspen for the most updated information. Please note - District policy states that the District has up to 10 days to process the change between hybrid and full-time remote instruction. Usually, the selection for full-time remote learning will be updated within 24 hours. The selection to move back to the student’s hybrid group may take longer.


In the hybrid schedule, in a 5-day school week, Wednesday is designated as a remote learning day for all. Group 1 attends in person on Monday (A day) and Tuesday (B day), and Group 2 attends in person on Thursday (A day) and Friday (B day). Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday follow an early dismissal schedule for students. Wednesday follows a regular bell schedule (but virtually).

In shortened weeks, we eliminate the full remote learning day (currently scheduled for Wednesdays).

Opening Day/Opening Week:

Thr first week of school is a 4-day week. The schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday, September 8: A day (Group 1 in person, Group 2 remote)
  • Wednesday, September 9: B day: (Group 1 in person, Group 2 remote)
  • Thursday, September 10: A day (Group 2 in person, Group 1 remote)
  • Friday, September 11: B day: (Group 2 in person, Group 1 remote)

On Wednesday, September 9, all staff will leave after student dismissal, in order to allow for Operations to deep clean the buildings between the two different student hybrid groups.

Bell Schedule First Week: September 8 - 11:

We will be following an Extended Block 1 schedule the first week to allow for student ID distribution and other verifications, as well as our Safety Training Video. During the first day of the Extended Block 1 students will be required to complete a Google Form to verify receipt of various items. Please assist them in this process.

Students will be required to wear IDs this year to assist with identification. Lanyards will be provided.

We will also be utilizing electronic passes as much as possible moving forward. Whenever possible, ASPEN and Google should be utilized to generate passes for students. Students will be reminded to check their email each morning prior to the start of class.

A/B Day Calendar for September - December, 2020:

Remote Learning:

Wednesdays - in a 5 day week:

Wednesdays will follow a regular bell schedule virtually. We will alternate A and B days from week to week. For example, September 16 is an A day. September 23 is a B day. Please note that September 23 will follow a delayed opening schedule, as it is the day following the virtual Back to School Night. Please refer to the A/B calendar in the above section for clarification.

The type and form of instruction on Wednesdays will be determined by individual teachers. For example, the entire class (Hybrid Group 1, Hybrid Group 2, and the full-time remote learners) may together as one learning community, or teachers may work with students individually or in small groups. Teachers may work within their departments and with their supervisors to develop ideas and best practices for the full remote learning day.

1:00 PM - 2:03 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday:

This is a time for students and staff members to connect on a more individualized basis. Some uses for the time are listed below:

  • Intentional/planned work with students
  • Work with small groups/targeted groups (failing students, at-risk students, full-time remote students)
  • Individualized meetings with students
  • Collaboration time/student meetings for co-teachers
  • Counselor meetings
  • Wellness programming

Class meetings will be held virtually during this time in the first week of school. There will also be designated wellness programming options for students.


Tutorials will be held virtually fron 2:03 PM to 2:50 PM on Mondays, Wednesday, and Thursdays. Students will be provided with a recurring virtual meeting link in either Google Meet or Zoom, which will be posted in Google Classrooms.


Student attendance is required each instructional day, whether a student is in-person or remote.

Teachers will take attendance for students and may require remote students to be present for instruction during the scheduled class block.


This year, we wil not be distributing paper passes to students. We will be utilizing google calendar invites for student appointments. Students will have the ability to show the invite to the teacher either on their chromebook or their phone.

All students will be reminded to check their school email during the first 15 minutes of block 1 each day.

Please note that counselors will be meeting with students virtually and in-person during the school year.


Helpdesk/Central Hub Information:

Please use the following protocols when seeking support from the IT Department.

Students without Wireless Internet Access:

Students without wireless internet access should see their counselor in order to expedite the process of obtaining a jetpack device.

Reopening Plan & Frequently Asked Questions