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World Language Teacher to Present at National Convention
Nancy Tucker

Hunterdon Central Spanish teacher Laura Wright has been chosen to present research at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages National Convention.  Ms. Wright will be presenting her research on strategies that can guide students to mindfully accept their mistakes and to metacognitively process their learning experience. 

According to Ms. Wright, "The overarching topic of metacognition and, more specifically, metacognitive practices in the classroom are part of the foundation of my doctoral dissertation study. As such, I will be presenting in part with the goal of sharing strategies, tools, and techniques that I have researched pertaining to those topics. Ultimately, I seek to deliver practical strategies for how to equip students to metacognitively process mistakes as they progress through their language learning journey, thus gaining the enduring understanding that mistakes are an integral and necessary part of any learning endeavor. I will be applying research and knowledge born of my own work and study outside of Central, and seek solely to establish a nexus between the topic of metacognition and students' willing acceptance of errors they make during the learning process."

Ms. Wright's interest in student wellness has always been reflected in her work at Hunterdon Central. She is committed to making every student feels welcome and able to take risks in her classroom.