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Nancy Tucker

A list of 2022-2023 school year courses that have been scheduled for our students is now available in Aspen, our Student Information System. Please continue reading for detailed information.

The course list identifies the Course Number, Description, Term (Full Year or Semester) and Credits for the courses scheduled.

All students received Aspen usernames and passwords that allow them to access this information. Any student who has forgotten his/her password should follow the password retrieval information in the Aspen Instructions, below. Please note that incoming freshmen received their login credentials in February, when they did course registration. Instructions on how to access information in Aspen are posted here: Aspen Instructions

Any student experiencing login problems should notify the IT Department: Please visit the Aspen Information Webpage for links and instructions on how to submit an IT Help Request. This webpage also includes information for parents on how to set up an Aspen Parent account. (Please note that student schedules can also be accessed from a parent account.)

If, after reviewing the course list, you have a concern or feel that the level of a core academic course needs to be changed, please email: In the email, please include your name, grade level, and a rationale for your scheduling query.