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Nancy Tucker

Welcome all new families to the Hunterdon Central community, and welcome back all of our returning families to the 2023-2024 School Year!  Please continue reading for important information on the opening of school.

August 25, 2023

Hello All Families,   

Our staff members have been working hard throughout the summer to enhance and prepare our facilities, to design engaging learning experiences, and to hone our professional skills in the spirit of constant improvement. All of our work is centered on the tenants of powerful learning, wellness, and partnerships.  

As we move into a new school year, in partnership with you, our families, we would like to review a number of basic protocols and information.  We share this to inform you about our focus and ask that you support these processes to help create the smooth and effective school days our students need.

The Typical School Day:

  • Block 1/Homeroom begins promptly at 7:35 AM.  We have notification bells at 7:25 AM and 7:33 AM to let our students know that they need to be in their classrooms for the start of school and for attendance to be taken.   

  • Parent Drop-off should be done in the Main Lot off of Route 31 (Lot G), the IMC Lot off of Junction Road (Lot E), or in front of the Commons (Lot B).  Please do not use the lot behind the Fieldhouse (Lot A) to drop off, as it is already used by all buses and many students and staff drivers.  We recommend that students be dropped off before 7:25 AM to provide time to get inside their block 1 class by 7:35 AM.

  • We have four 80-minute class blocks each day, with alternating A and B days.  An A/B Day calendar is posted on our website here

  • Students have 8 minutes of “travel time” between Blocks 1 and 2, and again between Blocks 3 and 4.   

  • We will have a single Unit Lunch, 46 minutes in length, between Blocks 2 and 3.  The document linked here has valuable information about our food service provider and visit our Food Services webpage.

  • If a student needs an item dropped off for them during the school day, they must be dropped off at the Security Vestibules at the 9/10 Main Entrance or the 11/12 Commons Entrance. (There is a drop off table in both locations.) Please do not coordinate a direct hand-off during the school day on campus, including during lunch, as it infringes on our security. No outside food deliveries, such as Uber Eats, are permitted   

  • Dismissal is at 2:03 PM.  

  • Tutorials are available to all students on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:10 PM - 2:50 PM beginning on September 11.    

  • Late Activity Buses are available at 3:40 PM on days we have Block 5 tutorial.  Students may sign up for the late buses each day prior to 2:50 PM, through their Aspen accounts.  Between 2:03 PM dismissal and the late bus departure, students are to be either with a teacher in tutorial, a club advisor, in the IMC, or in room 700. Detailed information about Late Activity Buses is available on the Transportation Webpage.   

  • Parent Pick Up should take place in the same lots listed for morning drop off.  We recommend holding pick up times until after 2:30 PM to provide time for our buses and 450+ student drivers to clear the parking lots.   

Supporting Learning, Growing and Positive Behaviors:  

  • Organizing resources and calendars, along with setting positive routines, helps students to manage their time and cancels out much of the “noise” that interferes with their learning and growth.   

  • During the four 80-minute class blocks, students are not permitted to use a personal cell phone unless explicitly approved by their teacher.  Cell phones are to be off and put away during class time.  Students are permitted to use cell phones before Homeroom, during the 8-minute passing times, during the 46-minute lunch time, and after the 2:03 PM dismissal.   

    • While it is typical for parents/guardians to send text messages to their students with information regarding after school activities, reminders, or simply words of encouragement, realize that students will not be able to check or respond to the messages during class time. If parents/guardians need to reach their children immediately, please call the appropriate House Office, and we will get a staff member to contact the student.   Students are not to have their cell phones out in the hallways during class time, or in the lavatories or locker rooms at any time.   

  • Communication with members of your child’s House Teams, which include the vice principal, secretary, counselors, and nurse, is an excellent way to help support your child’s success. There are certain times specific individuals should be contacted: 

    • For students absences, please contact the appropriate house secretary via email or phone prior to the start of school each day. 

    • For health related items, such as prescription medication, please contact the appropriate Health Office.

    • For academic, social, or behavioral concerns, please contact the grade level counselor or vice principal.  

  • Communication with classroom teachers is the best first step in supporting a student’s academic success.  As the school year begins, don’t hesitate to contact and help build a positive and productive relationship.  Contact information for all teachers and school staff can be found on the Contact Information Webpage.   

    • We believe in focusing on student growth and learning as it pertains to student assessments and grades. Teachers afford opportunities for growth through revision and resubmission. Students are encouraged to speak to their teachers about these opportunities and processes.   

  • Encourage students to get involved in extracurricular Activities and Athletics.  While teaching and learning in the classroom is the core of our work, we also provide many opportunities to help develop the whole student.  One of the best ways to help an adolescent develop a sense of belonging is through involvement in clubs or sports.  We will hold a number of opportunities for students to connect with activities, but we encourage families to explore all that is available, as well.     

On behalf of the administration and entire school staff, we look forward to developing a positive partnership with you in this upcoming year.   


Edward C Brandt