Selective Service Registration

The Selective Service System is an independent agency within the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. The Federal law under which the agency operates is the Military Selective Ser vice Act. Under this law, the mission of the Selective Service System is to pro vide the numbers of men needed by the Armed Forces, within the time required, should Congress and the President decide to return to a draft, in the event of a national emergency. Selective Service would also be responsible for administer ing a program of alternative service for conscientious objectors. With few exceptions, all male United States citizens and male aliens residing in the United States and its territories must register within 30 days of their 18th birthday.

Registering with the Selective Service System and College Admissions:

All males 18-26 are required by law to file a statement of selective service status with the College. This statement can be completed during the admission process or registration.

Selective service registration occurs automatically if you file the FAFSA for college financial aid. Answer "yes" and FAFSA will automatically register the student on their 18th birthday. If you do not answer "yes" you will likely hold up you application until they have a chance to clarify the question and ultimately disqualify yourself from any federal funds.

Registration Online:

Young men can now register with Selective Service using the Internet. With ac cess to the Internet, any young man can register by clicking on the “ Register On Line Now” icon at the Selective Service web site ( He then enters in some basic information and within seconds, he’ll receive his Selective Service Number. Within about two weeks, he will receive an Registration Acknowledgment Card in the mail.

U.S. Post Office:

You can visit the nearest U.S. Post Office, pick up a Registration Form, SSS Form 1M(UPO), complete and sign it, and mail it.