SCOIR is a comprehensive college and career planning software for all students. The program allows students to find their best college and career fit, identify talents, record activities, and organize their college and career planning process.

We'd like to introduce you to SCOIR! Here is a:link to their college search, planning, and application site ...


What does SCOIR provide?

Some of the features of SCOIR include:

  • Organization
    • Stay on top of everything by keeping track of volunteer and working hours, activities, achievements, and more.
  • College Search & Exploration
    • Easily search and discover colleges that match student preferences. A global search bar and Discover experience, you to quickly jump to college profiles, explore college posts, and research careers.
  • Find Your Match
    • With the Find Your College Match quiz, you're in the driver's seat. Tell SCOIR what you're interested in (like possible majors or clubs & activities) and it will give you personalized college recommendations that match.

  • Why SCOIR?

    Hunterdon Central chose SCOIR to replace Naviance because we believe it is the most intuitive, updated, and comprehensive post-high school planning program for high school students.

    SCOIR was introduced to Hunterdon Central students in December 2022 and January 2023. All Hunterdon Central students in grades 10-12 have personal account access to SCOIR. Students in 9th grade will be given access to SCOIR in December.

    SCOIR will replace Naviance effective August 31, 2023. Students who had Naviance accounts will no longer have access to those accounts after August 31, 2023.

    Please contact grade level counselors or College & Career Counselor Jennifer Nuechterlein at with any questions about SCOIR.




Problems or questions? Contact College & Career Counselor Jennifer Nuechterlein at: