School-Based Youth Services Program

The School Based Youth Services Program is funded by the Office for School-Linked Services (OSLS) and is managed by Hunterdon Behavioral Health. The program provides a comprehensive set of services to students including counseling for issues such as anxiety, depression, self-image, and stress, recreational and drop-in programs, and referral and linkages to community services on an appointment-only basis.

Students may request an appointment and services are confidential. However, after the initial contact, a signed consent form from a parent is needed if services are to be ongoing. If issues are school-related, School-Based staff will work with students and school personnel to help resolve these problems.

The School-Based Program’s offices are located in the grade-level counseling services areas. Students must call 284-7117 to set up an appointment. Since the program is administered out of the Hunterdon Medical Center, it is available year-round and operates when school is closed. If a student wishes to be seen at the Hunterdon Medical Center, he or she may contact a counselor there by calling 788-6401.

In the summer and during school vacation weeks, School-Based Services offers a free recreation program with a variety of activities, such as trips, games, arts/crafts, demonstrations, and presentations.

Referrals to the program can be made by teachers, guidance counselors, nurses, parents, self, friends, etc. Please contact the School Based Youth Services Program at 788-6401 for further information or to make a referral.


Dana Kurilew
Supervisor of Counseling Services


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Counseling Services will host a Virtual College Planning Program for Juniors on Thursday, January 21, at 6:30 PM. If you have a college-bound student, you are encouraged to attend this program with your son or daughter.

Please click the link below shortly before 6:30 PM next Thursday, to join the webinar:

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Nuechterlein, College & Career Counselor, at

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