Testing Information for Students with Disabilities

The College Board requires the submission of an application for disability accommodations, in order to determine whether accommodations will be granted for the PSAT/SAT.

If your child is interested in applying for accommodations on the PSAT/SAT, please download, print and sign the consent found here: Consent Form for Accomodation Request. Give the form to your child's case manager.

Your consent is needed to allow the school to submit your child’s disability records to the College Board. Once your child’s records have been submitted to the College Board, the approval decision-making process will take approximately seven weeks. Therefore, it is important that this process be started well in advance of the date your child plans to take the PSAT/SAT.

If approved for accommodations by the College Board, you will receive a SSD# (services for students with disabilities number) that must be used when registering for the PSAT/SAT.

Additional information about the College Board services for students with disabilities can be found here: Services for Students with Disabilities.

For more information, please contact:
Sandra Givas