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At Hunterdon Central, we are aware that homework is sometimes an issue for students. We believe that school and home need to work together, so that students may achieve at a high level and be prepared for what comes after high school. We must also be sensitive to the stress levels experienced by young people in the 21st century. We hope you will take the time to review the resources and strategies featured on this webpage. They reflect current research for completing homework in a better manner, in less time.

Academic help

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Resource Guide for Academic Help


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Organize Your Days

Tips for Effective Studying

Apps for Academic Success

ASPIRE Study System

Five Notetaking Methods

Test Taking Tips - Test Taking

Test Taking Tips - Academic Success


The Mathematics Department has created its own resources webpage, which offers online tutorials and videos on a number of different topics.

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Math Resources Webpage


The following articles offer valuable insight into homework. Please click on the link to access the articles:

Parents Wonder: Why So Much Homework

How Can We Make Homework Worthwhile

Stanford Multitask Research Study

Summer Homework