Advanced Placement (AP)


This webpage will be updated for the 2020-2021 School Year when information becomes available.

Information for 2019-2020:

Due to the school closures and social distancing made necessary by COVID-19, the College Board has made the following changes to the 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) Exams.

2020 AP Exams Will Be Administered Online:

  • The College Board will administer the 2020 AP Exams online. Details are available on the College Board's website: It's very important to read "About This Year's AP Exams" on that webpage. It includes detailed information on the exam schedules and the length, structure, and format of exams.
  • Please note that exams may be taken in school, if school re-opens. If that occurs, information regarding testing locations and report times will be sent to students via email.
  • Regardless of where AP exams are taken, students will receive an AP exam reminder email the day before the exam.
  • All students will test on the standard dates of May 11 through May 22. College Board has ensured that no two tests conflict. Exam makeup dates exist for valid conflicts only and must be approved and supported by the high school. It is strongly recommended to test on the standard date, since makeup dates do not allow for a backup testing date.
  • Students who need a device to take the AP exams should contact their counselors no later than April 24, 2020.
  • For AP exam content preparations, please continue to work directly with AP Teachers.

What Students Need to Do:

  • If a student plans to take the exam, no action is required. We encourage all students who registered for an AP exam to take that exam.
  • If a student is 100% certain that he/she does not want to take the exam, login to, using student email address and password, and request a cancellation. Detailed information on canceling and requesting a refund is provided here.
  • Students can view exam schedules by logging in to with the student email and password. Detailed information is provided here.
  • Due to these unprecedented circumstances, and after AP testing has fully concluded, Hunterdon Central will determine if all families will receive a refund. This determination will be based on final recommendations from College Board and TotalRegistration.

Any new information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.

Cost of AP Exams:

In 2019, the cost of each AP exam is $105.00. Please note that students on the Federal Lunch Program may check the box during the registration process that asks, "Are you qualified for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program?" Once the current status of the students Free or Reduced Lunch Program is verified, the request will be approved and the exam fee will be waived.

Additionally, Hunterdon Central has created a financial assistance program for families who do not qualify for the Federal Lunch Program, but who may have difficulty paying the full exam fee. To apply, students must check the box on the registration form asking, “Will you be asking for financial assistance in paying for AP exams?” Download the Financial Assistance Application, and turn in the completed application to their counselors no later than October 28, 2019.

AP Exam Financial Assistance Application


If you are a high school student considering whether to take an Advanced Placement (AP) course or preparing to take an AP exam, the following online information may be very useful. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to read this information, developed and presented by CollegeBoard.

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This website, developed by CollegeBoard, is very useful in determining if an Advanced Placement course is a good choice for a high school student.

What's New in AP?

This website keeps you up to date on AP news, including a number of new resources.

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