Advanced Placement (AP)


2023-2024 AP Exam Registration opens Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 7:00 AM and closes Friday, October 20, 2023, at 11:59 PM. No registrations will be accepted after October 20, 2023.

All AP students are encouraged to take the AP exam. Students enrolled in an AP course who take the AP Exam will receive full AP weight for the course. If the AP Exam is not taken, Honors weight will be applied to the course.

2023-2024 AP Exam Dates

Click to view a complete schedule of AP Exam dates:

2023-2024 AP Exam Schedule

If students wish to take two exams scheduled at the same time, they should register for both exams. They will take one exam on the alternate testing date. Counseling Services will contact students after registration closes to inform them which exam to take on which date.

If students wish to take two exams scheduled on the same day, they will take the exams on the primary testing date as scheduled, per College Board policy.

AP Exam Registration

Registration is a two-step process:

1) Complete the registration and payment on the Total Registration Site. Students who have taken AP exams at Hunterdon Central in previous years should use their existing Total Registration account. Parents and students should both be present while registering to ensure that the correct exams are ordered. Please be sure to have a credit card or debit card available before beginning registration.

2) Complete the confirmation on the College Board My AP Site for each AP course. Under each course, students should click “Register for Exam” and confirm registration (or indicate that they are not taking that exam).

Cost of AP Exams:

Exam Cost: $105, excluding AP Capstone exams which College Board charges a higher fee of $146.

Please note that students on the Federal Lunch Program may check the box during the registration process that asks, "Are you qualified for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program?" Once the current status of the student's Free or Reduced Lunch Program is verified, the request will be approved and the exam fee will be waived.

College Board AP Classroom (MY AP Site)

All students enrolled in AP courses must enroll in the appropriate AP Classroom on the College Board's My AP site.

During the month of September, AP teachers will provide students with the join code(s) necessary to join the correct sections of their course.

Please note: joining the AP Classroom is NOT the same as ordering the exam, even if it is indicated on the College Board site that a student plans to test. Students MUST follow the two-step process described above to pay for and order the AP exam.

Exam-only students (not enrolled in the relevant course at HCRHS) will receive a join code when they register for the exam on Total Registration. Be sure to immediately join the AP Classroom, so that the AP exam can be ordered.

Click on the link for information on joining AP Classroom.

AP Students - Joining Your AP Class Section (from the 2023-24 AP® Coordinator’s Manual)


If you are a high school student considering whether to take an Advanced Placement (AP) course or preparing to take an AP exam, the following online information may be very useful. Parents/guardians are also encouraged to read this information, developed and presented by CollegeBoard.

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2023 AP Presentation

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Explore AP
This website, developed by CollegeBoard, is very useful in determining if an Advanced Placement course is a good choice for a high school student.

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This website keeps you up to date on AP news, including a number of new resources.