Local Scholarships

How to apply for local scholarships

This webpage includes the following information that students will need to apply for local scholarships:

  • Local Scholarship packet, which contains a list of all available scholarships and their requirements;
  • HCRHS Local Scholarship Application, which can be used to apply for most local scholarships;
  • Quick Reference Sheet, to help students quickly identify scholarships by category;
  • Private Applications, for those local scholarships which do not accept the HCRHS application.

Students may be eligible and apply for multiple scholarships. All students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

Important Dates

  • All local scholarship applications must be submitted on one of three Scholarship Submission Days - March 18-20, 2020 - during Unit Lunch in the Little Theater. There will be no exceptions to this submission timeline.
  • Local scholarship recipients will be notified of their award(s), starting on May 11, 2020. The Scholarship Awards Night is scheduled for Thursday, June 11, 2020, at 6:30 PM, in the Auditorium.

    Step by Step Instructions

    1. Review & Get Organized

    Review the Quick Reference Sheet, followed by the Local Scholarship Postings, for scholarships in which you are eligible. Take note of their requirements and get organized. You may need to request letters of recommendations from external sources, or write essays - prepare extra time for this! Take note of scholarships that use a Private Application and print those applications.

    2. Complete Applications

    Review the HCRHS Local Scholarship Application prior to filling it out. You may need to gather family financial information before you fill out the application. Fill it out neatly and accurately. (You may also fill it out electronically by accessing a Microsoft Word fill-in version of the application in the "document library" of Naviance.) If you are applying for more than one Local Scholarship that uses the HCRHS application, you may photocopy your master copy and use it multiple times, but be sure to edit the scholarship name in Section 1 as needed. Access any Private Applications that you need and fill those out.

    3. Add Extra Requirements (Essay, Transcript, Letter of Recommendation)

    • Essay/Personal Statement: Write any necessary essays or personal statements. Consider revising your college essays for this purpose. Remember, these are not admission offices reading these - they are community people who want to learn about you and why you might be most deserving of their scholarship.
    • Transcript: If a local scholarship requires a transcript, you must add your own, printed transcript from Aspen. In your Aspen account, click on the My Info top tab > Transcript side tab, then Reports > Unofficial Student Transcript > Run. Be sure to staple this to each scholarship that requires it.
    • Letter of Recommendation from Counselor: Counselors are aware of those local scholarships that specifically require a counselor letter of recommendation. This letter will be automatically added to your application AFTER you turn in your local scholarships. You do not need to request this from your counselor.
    • Teacher/External Letter of Recommendation: If you are obtaining letters of recommendation from a teacher or external source, you must collect these yourself. You may not see the letter, so have the writer enclose their letter in an envelope that YOU provide, they sign over the seal, then staple the envelope to your scholarship packet.

    4. Stapling Scholarships & Final Check

    • Each scholarship must be stapled in the upper left corner as its own packet, with the application on top, followed by activity sheet/resume, and any additional components like an essay, transcript, or envelope with teacher/external letter. One stapled packet for each scholarship. Please make these packets neat. NO OTHER folders or envelopes are necessary - just the individually stapled application packets. Only use paper clips or binder clips if a packet is too thick for the stapler.
    • Counselors will not review your Local Scholarship applications once they are turned in. The only thing we will do is add your counselor’s letter of recommendation if the scholarship requires it. You are responsible for making sure that every requirement is met for each scholarship and that your application is filled out correctly and completely.

    5. Scholarship Submission

    All Local Scholarships must be submitted between March 18-20, 2020. The Little Theater will be set up for scholarship submission on these three days, during unit lunch only. All of your scholarships must be prepared and ready to turn in, in an alphabetical order stack. You will drop off your scholarships around the Little Theater in alpha-order boxes, by scholarship. Watch your email for more information closer to the time. Please do not turn in any scholarships to anyone prior to these days.

    Scholarship Packet, Applications & Checklist:

    Click on the link to view:

    2020 Local Scholarship Packet
    Contains all local scholarship postings and their requirements.

    2020 Local Scholarship Application

    The HCRHS Local Scholarship Application is used for most local scholarships. A separate application must be used for each scholarship.

    2020 Local Scholarship Quick Reference Sheet
    To locate local scholarships by category and specific criteria, click on the above link for a quick reference. You will also need to use the Local Scholarship Packet to review descriptions and requirements.

    Private Applications:

    All local scholarships that use a Private Application will follow HCRHS Local Scholarship practices and procedures. Some private applications list a different due date and mailing address for applications. In those instances, please ignore those and follow the submission instructions of the HCRHS Local Scholarship Program.

    Click on the link to view:
    2020 Private Applications

    Questions & Assistance

    For questions or assistance with the Local Scholarship program, please contact your counselor or Jennifer Nuechterlein, College & Career Counselor, at jnuechte@hcrhs.org or (908) 284-7146.