Local Scholarships

How to apply for local scholarships

This webpage includes the following information that students will need to apply for local scholarships:

  • Local Scholarship packet, which contains a list of all available scholarships and their requirements;
  • HCRHS Local Scholarship Application, which can be used to apply for most local scholarships;
  • Local Scholarship Checklist, which must be filled out and included with each local scholarship application;
  • Quick Reference Sheet, to help students quickly identify scholarships by category;
  • Private Applications, for those local scholarships which do not accept the HCRHS application.

Students may be eligible and apply for multiple scholarships; all students are encouraged to apply for as many scholarships as possible.

Some scholarships have additional requirements, such as transcripts and letters of recommendation. If a local scholarship requires a counselor's letter of recommendation and/or transcript, the Counseling Services department will add those items to your application packet. Students are responsible for providing all other items required by the scholarship, such as essays, personal statements, or recommendations from a teacher or other external source. All local scholarship applications must be individually stapled with a Local Scholarship Checklist attached to the front, detailing the items that are included and/or need to be added.

Important Dates

  • All local scholarship applications must be submitted to the 11/12 Counseling Services office by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, March 12, 2019.
  • Local scholarship recipients will be notified of their award(s), starting on May 1. The Scholarship Awards Night is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, 2019, at 6:30 PM, in the HC Auditorium.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Review & Get Organized
Review the Quick Reference Sheet, followed by the Local Scholarship Postings, for scholarships in which you are eligible. Take note of their requirements and get organized. Start creating a Local Scholarship Checklist for each scholarship so you know which scholarships require extra materials (transcripts, test scores, etc.) Take note of scholarships that use a Private Application.

2. Complete Applications
Review the HCRHS Local Scholarship Application prior to filling it out. You may need to gather family financial information before you fill out the application. Fill it out neatly and accurately and follow the instructions and tips on the application. (You may also fill it out electronically by accessing a fill-in version of the application in the “document library” of Naviance.) If you are applying for more than one Local Scholarship that uses the HCRHS application, you may photocopy it and use it multiple times, but be sure to change the scholarship name in Section I as needed. Access any Private Applications that you need, and fill those out.

3. Essays and Letters of Recommendation
Write any necessary essays or personal statements. Consider revising your college essays for this purpose. Request and collect letters of recommendation from teachers or other external sources. If you are obtaining letters of recommendation from a teacher or external source, you must collect these yourself by having the writer enclose their letter in an envelope, sign over the seal, then staple the envelope to your scholarship packet. A counselor's letter of recommendation will be provided for you, if needed, and you would indicate this on the Local Scholarship Checklist attached to the front of each application. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ASK YOUR COUNSELOR FOR A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FOR LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS!

4. Organize Checklists and Required Materials
Return to your Local Scholarship Checklists to verify the materials that are included, and the materials that you would like added by Counseling Services, such as a transcript. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT ON NAVIANCE FOR LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS!

5. Final Check
Staple a completed Local Scholarship Checklist to your completed application (one application packet for each scholarship) and, once again, be sure that all materials required by you are added to the packet.

6. Submission
As you produce complete application packets, bring them to 11/12 Counseling Services (the counter area near the 11/12 counselors). The deadline is 3:00 PM on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Scholarship Packet, Applications & Checklist:

Click on the link to view:

2019 Local Scholarship Packet
Contains all local scholarship postings and their requirements.

2019 Local Scholarship Application
The HCRHS Local Scholarship Application is used for most local scholarships. A separate application must be used for each scholarship.

Local Scholarship Checklist
This form must be included with each local scholarship application, stapled to the front of the application packet.

2019 Local Scholarship Quick Reference Sheet
To locate local scholarships by category and specific criteria, click on the above link for a quick reference. You will also need to use the Local Scholarship Packet to review descriptions and requirements.

Private Applications:

All local scholarships that use a Private Application will follow local scholarship practices and procedures. Please turn in these applications, with a local scholarship checklist, by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, to 11/12 Counseling Services. Some private applications list a different due date and mailing address for applications. In those instances, please ignore those and follow the submission instructions of our Local Scholarship Program.

Click on the link to view:
2019 Private Applications

Questions & Assistance

For questions or assistance with the Local Scholarship program, please contact your counselor or Jennifer Nuechterlein, College & Career Counselor, at jnuechte@hcrhs.org or (908) 284-7146.