Local Scholarships

The deadline for the submission of Local Scholarship applications has been extended to April 6, 2020 at 3:00 PM.

All Local Scholarship applications will now be submitted electronically. Application instructions are listed below.

If students have questions or difficulty submitting applcations, contact Mrs. Nuechterlein: jnuechte@hcrhs.org

How to apply for 2020 local scholarships:

Due to COVID-19 and our school closure, all local scholarships will now be submitted electronically. Please read the following directions thoroughly and carefully!

Step 1 - No paper!

The program now uses an electronic format. Students will not turn in any papers, mail anything, or drop off anything - each scholarship applications will be a PDF file and will be emailed to a specific email address.

Step 2 - Your applications.

Each scholarship to which you apply must become its own, separate PDF file. Example: Applying for 12 scholarships? You will have 12 complete PDF files ready to submit.

PLEASE NOTE: The Coronoavirus has impacted some of our scholarship donors, businesses, and organizations and, unfortunately, they are no longer participating this year. Be sure to click on the link to view the scholarships no longer participating for 2020: Local Scholarships No Longer Participating

Scholarships that use the HCRHS Local Scholarship application:

  • The easiest way to make an electronic application is to use the Google Doc version of the HCRHS Local Scholarship application. Open it, then click “File” > “Make a Copy”. Fill out the application entirely, trying to keep the formatting as close as possible to the original.
  • You may also use download the print the Word Version of the Local Scholarship Application. Fill it out and keep as close to original formatting as possible, add a 5th page to that document for your essay, then export that Word file to a PDF.
  • Fill out your applications entirely - it is important to fill out one application for each scholarship, changing the scholarship name in section one as needed. Keep using the “Make a Copy” option so you only have to fill out the application once!
  • “Sign” the applications by typing your name and parent name at the end.
  • Don’t forget to include the activity sheet or your resume, at the end. This must be included as part of the application.
  • Type any required essay(s) and put them on the page directly after the application.

Scholarships that use Private Applications:

  • You can try to fill these out by editing the document but, since some are PDFs, it is better to print those applications and fill them out by hand.
  • Type any necessary essays.
  • Finalize private apps by either scanning them (if you have access to a scanner) or use one of the many free apps to take photos of the pages from your phone, and turn those photos into a PDF file. (use CamScanner, Genius Scan, or the Notes app on iPhones, which has a scanner function.)
  • Be sure to take the photos of the papers in order of the application first, followed by essay(s).

Save each file using this exact format:

  • Scholarship Name First Name Last Name
    • Example: Flemington Rotary Jennifer Nuechterlein
  • Do not include any punctuation.
  • For extra long scholarship names, just use the first few words or abbreviations.

Step 3 - No letters of recommendation AND no transcripts should be added to your applications.

To make this process as easy as possible for students, we are doing away with those documents completely. If a student has already obtained letters of recommendation from a teacher, friend, external source, etc., these do not need to be included with the application.

The PDF file for EACH scholarship to which you apply will ONLY include the following pieces:

The application (either HCRHS application with activity sheet or resume, OR the Private App.

Any essay(s) required by the scholarship

Step 4 - Submission.

  • Start an email to scholarships@hcrhs.org to begin submitting your scholarships.
  • Subject line: Local Scholarship Submission
  • Inside the body of the email, include only a list of the scholarships to which you are applying - that is it. We expect to see attachments for those scholarships.
  • Attach your PDF files. Double-check file names; make sure it is obvious to use which scholarship and who it’s from!
  • If you have 10+ local scholarships, please start a second email.
  • If you are submitting more than one email, please try to send them close together and include subject lines that read “Local Scholarship Submission 1 of 2” and “Local Scholarship Submission 2 of 2” (and a third email if needed.

What Happens Next?

Senior counselors and Mrs. Nuechterlein will be working together in the Scholarships@hcrhs.org email account to open all of student emails and move PDF files into electronic folders for our scholarship donors. Based on the survey data, we anticipate about 200 seniors sending in submissions, totaling over 1,500 applications across 70 scholarships. Therefore, this will take us some time.

It's very important to follow the instructions carefully. Because we will be moving your PDF files into the appropriate scholarship folders, it is important for students to review all PDF files and make sure they are correct.

Scholarship donors should have their electronic folders of applications by mid-April, and we are asking them for a recipient decision by late May. If you have been selected for a scholarship, you will know starting June 1. Awards Night was scheduled for June 11th. At this time there is no confirmation if this will still occur.

Please email Jennifer Nuechterlein directly at jnuechte@hcrhs.org with any questions about this new submission process.

Scholarship Packet, Applications & Checklist:

Click on the link to view:

2020 Local Scholarship Packet
Contains all local scholarship postings and their requirements.

2020 Local Scholarship Application

The HCRHS Local Scholarship Application is used for most local scholarships. A separate application must be used for each scholarship.

2020 Local Scholarship Quick Reference Sheet
To locate local scholarships by category and specific criteria, click on the above link for a quick reference. You will also need to use the Local Scholarship Packet to review descriptions and requirements.

Private Applications:

All local scholarships that use a Private Application will follow HCRHS Local Scholarship practices and procedures. Some private applications list a different due date and mailing address for applications. In those instances, please ignore those and follow the submission instructions of the HCRHS Local Scholarship Program.

Click on the link to view:
2020 Private Applications

Questions & Assistance

For questions or assistance with the Local Scholarship program, please contact your counselor or Jennifer Nuechterlein, College & Career Counselor, at jnuechte@hcrhs.org or (908) 284-7146.