Scholarship Information

Throughout the year, many general, nationwide scholarship offerings are mailed to the Counseling Services Department. We share these postings with students on Naviance.

Students can view scholarships announcements by logging in to their Naviance accounts. Click on "colleges", then "scholarship list" to see scholarship announcements. Please note that deadline dates vary.

There are many search engines you can use to locate scholarships.  We suggest these:

Scholly (Use the app!)
Chegg (Browse 25,000+ scholarships.)
College Board/Big Future (Browse 2,200 scholarship programs.) (Browse over $3.7 million in scholarships and grants.)
Scholarship Monkey (Personalized search; search by keyword; search by list.)
Fastweb (Browse over 1.5 million scholarships.)
AIE (Browse over 15,000 scholarships.)
College Data (Scholarship Finder)

Local Scholarships for the Class of 2018:

Each year a large number of local scholarships are available to our graduating seniors.

In mid-February, we will open the annual Local Scholarship Program. On Naviance and this, website, you will have access to 80+ local scholarships awarded by local businesses, organizations, and memorials.

We will email an announcement when the program is open and students may begin applying for local scholarships. The program will run for one month.