College Admissions Information, Forms & Procedures for Seniors

2019-2020 College Admissions Forms:

Documents, forms & information for 2019-2020 college admissions procedures will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Please click on the red links to view, download and print information for the CLass of 2020:

Class of 2020 Summer Timeline

2019-2020 Common Questions for the Common App

2019-2020 College Planning Packet: 12 Grade Edition

2019-2020 Procedures for Submitting College Applications

2019-2020 Teacher Recommendation Process

2019-2020 Recommendation Waiver Form

If you have any questions about college admissions procedures, please contact:

Jennifer Nuechterlein


College Admissions Presentations & videos:

Please click to view the Senior College Planning Power Point Presentation

Please click on the photo to view the Senior College Planning Video.