Corporate Sponsorships

Hunterdon Central offers a Corporate Sponsorship Program, which is an opportunity for our local businesses to reach the thousands of community members who visit Hunterdon Central's campus each month.

The Corporate Sponsorship Program provides valuable advertising exposure to target customers at the high school's athletic events and competitions throughout the school year. It also provides the District with the revenue needed to supply continued programs for our students, while reducing costs to local taxpayers.

Corporate Sponsorship includes four levels of membership with varying degrees of exposure in our athletic venues. This includes signage, announcements and season passes for your business or organization.

Signage is the responsibility of the corporate sponsor and must adhere to the following criteria:

- Must be 3' x 8'

- May contain any information related to business name, address, phone, etc.

- May also include graphics and or business slogans.

- Artwork for signage must be approved by the District prior to installation.

Copy for announcements can be provided by the sponsor with review and input from the District, if needed.

We hope that you are interested in this high-profile opportunity to advertise your business, while supporting the outstanding high school programs we offer our community's children. We would be happy to answer any questions and to discuss this opportunity with you.

For more information, please call: 908-284-7161.

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2021-2022 Corporate Sponsor List

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