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Jeffrey Moore, Ed.D., SUPERINTENDENT

Hunterdon Central’s Online Program of Studies is a multi-media resource that provides
a complete guide to course offerings available at Hunterdon Central.

Each academic department's webpage includes a list of course offerings, course descriptions,
and a video featuring an overview by the department supervisor.

An overview of Hunterdon Central's academic processes and procedures is also included,
to provide additional information about our academic program.

Magnet Programs at Hunterdon Central

Hunterdon Central offers its students opportunities to pursue specialized programs that empower them to focus on a particular passion or career area.

Called Magnet Programs, these powerful learning experiences consists of a cohesive series of three of four courses and include opportunities for dual enrollment or articulated college credit, an industry-valued credential, or both.

Students in Magnet Programs engage in capstone-type experiences, which can include an independent research project, an internship or mentorship experience, and/or an independent student experience such as a college course or a credential. Some of our magnet programs are also career and technical education (CTE) programs of study, such as Architectural Design and Robotics.

Click on the photo link to watch a discussion of the power of Magnet Programs, featuring Superintendent Jeffrey Moore, Ed.D. and Director of Curriculum & Instruction Jessica Cangelosi-Hade. It may help you decide if these programs are right for you :

For more information, including detailed course descriptions and video explanations by department supervisors, visit our Magnet Programs Webpage.

Introduction to the program of studies

Hunterdon Central's academic program of studies aspires to create powerful learning experiences for all students, establish strong partnerships throughout our learning community, and foster intellectual, social and emotional curiosity and growth.

Please begin the process of creating an academic plan by reading the Introduction to the Program of Studies. This brief explanation presents the groundwork for choosing courses that will satisfy all State requirements, while respecting the individual interests and goals of all students.

Please click on the link to view:

Introduction to the Program of Studies