Hunterdon Central’s Program of Studies is a valuable reference manual for students, parents and school personnel actively involved in curriculum planning at Hunterdon Central; it is a complete guide to course offerings at the high school.

Each department has described its specific course offerings, highlighting the chief components of each course. Please understand that final decisions regarding the actual offering of any particular course will be dependent upon enrollment and budget constraints. Therefore, not all classes listed in this Program of Studies are guaranteed to run every school year.

Planning an individual student's high school program of studies demands a cooperative effort between home and school. The program of studies that a student pursues in high school should reflect his or her aspirations, achievements and aptitudes. The courses at Hunterdon Central provide students with many opportunities to meet educational needs. Beyond State, District, college and career requirements, students are encouraged to select courses that will be academically stimulating and personally enriching. In selecting particular courses, the following criteria should be considered:

Does the course:

  • Meet the high school graduation requirements?
  • Provide an outlet for interests in specific subject areas?
  • Fulfill college entrance requirements?
  • Reflect the proficiency level for which the student is best suited?
  • Provide a background for post high school plans leading to career options?

Please note the following when planning an academic schedule:

  • During scheduling, make sound initial choices. Initial low enrollment totals may lead to the cancellation of a course, thus decreasing the options for change once the master schedule is complete.
  • Choose courses not teachers. Students and parents should not make the mistake of choosing or refusing a course based on perception of a particular instructor. Each choice should be based on the merits of the course content and its value to students’ specific needs. Please understand that requests for schedule adjustments based on the issue of personnel will not be honored.
  • Discuss specific subject area choices with teachers and/or department supervisors who can share valuable insight into the nature of specific courses.
  • When planning course level placement, consider taking the most challenging course load that can be handled without creating an undue burden. It may be better for students to experience success in an appropriate placement than to experience extreme difficulty in an inappropriate placement.

Scheduling Requirements: Most Hunterdon Central students take a full 40 credit schedule. Every Hunterdon Central student should be scheduled for a minimum of 30 credits per year.


Hunterdon Central offers a web-based Student Information System called Aspen that makes student information accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students and parents use the system for online class scheduling, to view transcripts, current schedules, grades in progress and final grades, and the status of graduation requirements. Access to Aspen is private and password protected; a unique, confidential login name and password have been assigned to each student. Parents/guardians may also create an account on Aspen's Family Portal. Information is available on the Aspen Information Webpage, or, from the Homepage click “Quicklinks,” then “Aspen.”


The Program of Studies Guide contains information that will enable students and parents to make wise course selections and to plan an academic schedule for the four years of high school. This guide includes the following information:

Scheduling Information – Procedures: This includes Hunterdon Central's rules, regulations and policies concerning graduation requirements, course levels, grade point average, the attainment of credits, course withdrawals, athletic eligibility, etc. It is recommended that all students and parents/guardians review this information before planning a schedule.

Course Descriptions/Subject Specific Departments: This includes information on courses available in each department. Please note that it is particularly important to review the prerequisite/corequisite requirements that are listed below the name of a course. Prerequisite requirements are prior courses which must be taken before a particular course may be scheduled. Corequisite courses may be taken simultaneously. Please make sure that a student has met all prerequisites/corequisites for any desired course before scheduling the course.

Additional Academic Programs: This includes information and course descriptions on specific courses that can be taken for college credit and information on courses available through HC Polytech.


Planning, scheduling and student progress is a collaborative effort between student, family, teachers and counselor. The programs that students pursue in high school should reflect aspirations, aptitudes, and achievements. Because students differ, programs must differ. Since post high school requirements for employment, college or vocational technical training are constantly changing, students must frequently reevaluate immediate and long-range goals.

The courses at Hunterdon Central provide students with the opportunity to meet educational needs in accordance with individuality and aspirations. Beyond the State or local requirements, students are encouraged to select courses that best match these. The counseling staff is available to discuss a student’s program, as often as necessary. Parents are encouraged to call the school for conferences.

Parents/guardians are expected to assist in the development of a curriculum plan. Students’ performance and progress should be monitored through the Aspen grade portal and contact with teachers. School counselors are resources for students and families, and are available for consultation on the development and monitoring of educational programs. Additionally, school counselors conduct individual and group programs to help students with the planning process. Students with severe difficulty in reading, mathematics and writing may receive supplemental instruction, upon the recommendation of the department supervisor and/or the evaluation and approval of Special Education. Parents or students may initiate this service by contacting the appropriate department supervisor, school counselor or child study team case manager.

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