2022 Summer Bridge Programs

During the Summer of 2022, Hunterdon Central is offering free Enrichment and Bridge Programs in Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies to help to maximize student preparation for the start of 2022-2023 school year.

The English Bridge Programs are designed to engage students in critical literacy skills. Programs offered include a Creative and Critical program and an AP English Summer Bridge program. In Creative and Critical, students will explore critical reading and creative writing beyond traditional reading and writing–creative and interactive application of close reading skills to songs, advertising, poems, tv shows, film clips, and short stories. The program is designed to promote reading and written expression, reaction, reflection, personal empowerment, and civic engagement. The AP English Summer Bridge course is designed for students who will be taking or are interested in potentially taking either AP English Language and Composition or AP Literature and Composition. Students will be introduced to core skills and concepts, engage in fun activities to develop those skills, and understand both exams through review and collaborative practice passages.

The Mathematics Bridge Programs are designed as skills-based tutorials to prepare students for their 2022-2023 Math course. Sessions are available for Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. The 6-session programs are structured as short review sessions, followed by guided practice on key topics which bridge previous coursework to upcoming Fall coursework.

The Social Studies Bridge Programs are also designed as skills-based tutorials to prepare students for their 2022-2023 Social Studies course. These sessions are available in Global Studies and US History II.

A Bridge Program for AP Chemistry is being offered by the Science Department. This course is designed for students who will be beginning AP Chemistry in the Fall but who have not had a prior high school chemistry course. Students will explore the fundamental chemistry concepts and skills that they will be putting to practice in their upcoming AP Chemistry course.



Please complete the HCRHS Summer 2022 Enrichment and Bridge Program Invitation Form to register for the free enrichment and bridge programs. Registrations are due by June 10, 2022.

For additional information:

Please contact:

Bob Cole, Math Supervisor: bcole@hcrhs.org
Brendan McIsaac, English Supervisor: bmcisaac@hcrhs.org
Becky Lucas, Social Studies Supervisor: rlucas@hcrhs.org
Matthew Hall, Science Supervisor: matthew.hall@hcrhs.org