Multi Disciplinary Interdepartmental Courses

Dana Kurilew, Counseling Supervisor,

Rebecca Lucas, Social Studies Supervisor,

Brendan McIsaac, English Supervisor,


2019-2020 Course Descriptions:

#034 HONORS HUMANITIES – 10 Credits
Grade: 11
Prerequisite: #021 Honors English 2 or #022 English 2 and #160 Advanced Placement U.S. History, or #122 History 2

Honors Humanities is a year-long course that meets both English and social studies requirements. Students who opt to take this course will be working toward meeting the curriculum proficiencies for Honors Expository Writing, World Literature and Global Studies by engaging in a curriculum that integrates the three areas using a humanities approach. This course is designed to facilitate students’ understanding of diverse world cultures, human rights, and global security through the study of works of literature, non-fiction, newspapers, periodicals, electronic media, film, music and art. Using a multi-text approach, students will critically examine a variety of perspectives that they will use to inform their own ideas, beliefs and values. Based on their reading, discussion, research, and analysis, students will generate writings that emphasize an array of rhetorical modes and will participate in multiple service learning projects. Students receive 5 Honors Social Studies credits and 5 Honors English credits.

#035 SAT PREPARATION – 2.5 Credits
Prerequisites: #022 English and Geometry (any level)
Note: This course does not meet NCAA eligibility requirements and counts as a general elective credit only.

SAT Preparation is a course designed to help students prepare for the math and verbal sections of the SAT. Students will learn test taking strategies and improve their problem-solving skills through exposure to reading, writing and qualitative and quantitative reasoning tasks. Students can expect to strengthen their repertoire of skills in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry as well as critical reading, the study of vocabulary through context, a review of compositional skills, and the ability to write unified and coherent timed essays. Students will receive informative feedback from practice SAT tests.