An electronic database is a collection of organized material in digital form. In databases, users can find full-text periodicals, excerpts from books or encyclopedias, or content that was only published electronically. Hunterdon Central's library subscribes to many specialized databases for student and staff research. When on-campus, access each database from the links below. When off-campus, please use the "off-campus access" to retrieve the usernames and passwords for the databases.

Periodicals (Magazines, Newspapers, & Scholarly Journals)

Social Sciences

Controversial Issues & Current Events


Country Studies & Global Issues

Literature & Fine Arts

Science & Math


AAAS Science (please access via off-campus access)
EBSCO: Greenfile
Facts on File: Today's Science
Facts on File: Science Online
Gale Science in Context



Business, Consumer Science, & Communications

Biography & Career

He is wise who knows the sources of knowledge -- where it is written and where it is to be found.
A.A. Hodge