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World Languages

Supervisor: Laura Arredondo, Ed.D., 908-284-7189,

Dr. Arredondo holds a Doctorate of Education from Rutgers University, a Master of Arts from Montclair

State University, a Master of Arts from Kean University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Kean University. Dr. Arredondo has worked as a classroom teacher and administrator in several NJ public school districts. She is passionate about advocating for students of all backgrounds. Dr. Arredondo is active on several NJDOE committees as well as on committees of other professional organizations.

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World Languages Department Staff

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Department Description:

We are extremely proud to announce that Hunterdon Central's World Language program has been designated a Model Program by the New Jersey Department of Education's World Languages Model Programs Initiative.

The World Language Department believes in the importance of developing linguistic and cultural understandings in the study of language, which will help students to become active participants in the global society of the twenty-first century.

Students are provided with the opportunity to select from the languages offered to develop skills in all aspects of communication in the language selected. Instruction will promote active participation and the acquisition of communicative skills, as well as the exploration of cultural aspects of the products, practices, and perspectives of the people who speak the language.

World Language instruction is intended to provide experiences that attempt to foster respect and understanding of world cultures.

Seal of Biliteracy:

Hunterdon Central will once again be offering students the opportunity to participate in the Seal of Biliteracy program. This program recognizes graduating seniors who have demonstrated proficiency in English and one or more World Languages.

The Seal of Biliteracy is an award made by a state department of education or local district to recognize a student who has attained proficiency in English and one or more other world languages by high school graduation. The recognition of attaining biliteracy becomes part of the high school transcript and diploma for these students.

The Seal serves to certify attainment of biliteracy for students, employers, and universities. It is a statement of accomplishment that helps to signal evidence of a student’s readiness for career and college, and for engagement as a global citizen.

All students are eligible to attain the Seal of Biliteracy based on evidence of achieving the designated level of language proficiency in English plus one or more other languages during their high school years. We will be offering assessment opportunities to all Juniors and Seniors who are enrolled in a World Language or ELL class, so that they may qualify for this special honor. Juniors and Seniors who are NOT enrolled in a World Language class, but wish to demonstrate proficiency in another language, may also participate in the program. Details for the 2022-2023 school year will be posted when they are available.


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World Languages Courses in the Program of Studies


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World Languages Department Curriculum