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Social Studies

Supervisor: Rebecca Lucas 908-284-7147

Mrs. Lucas holds an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Scranton University. Prior to coming to Hunterdon Central, she was a Social Studies teacher at Hackettstown High School for 14 years. She has been at Hunterdon Central since 2014 as the Supervisor of Social Studies. During her time at Central, she has traveled with the Holocaust Study Tour, spearheaded the development of Rho Kappa Honor Society, and taught various professional development courses. One of her favorite projects is developing curricula that support students' critical thinking and citizenship.

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Social Studies Department Staff

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Department Description:

Development of a reflective and active citizenry is the primary aim of social studies education.

To achieve this aim, the Hunterdon Central Social Studies Department emphasizes four interrelated areas of study: knowledge, skills, values/attitudes, and social participation. Knowledge is drawn from a wide range of the humanities and social sciences, and is coordinated with emerging national trends and state requirements.

Skills are taught developmentally, with significant emphasis on research, critical thinking and geography skills. Attitudes and values deemed crucial to the understanding of a democratic society and diverse world cultures are examined with emphasis on the reflective study of value conflict throughout the required program. Social participation behaviors are infused throughout the required and elective programs, to assist in the training of students for lifelong active citizenship upon their entrance into adulthood.

The Social Studies faculty is committed to the ongoing revision of the curricular, instructional, and evaluative components of its program, and welcomes community input.


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Social Studies Courses in the Program of Studies


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Social Studies Department Curriculum