Science Department Presentation

Hunterdon Central's Science Department recognizes that science is a pervasive element in today’s society and that technology is one of its major driving forces. Because of this, the department's major focus is the scientific and technical literacy of Hunterdon Central's students.

Because the department is concerned both with scientific and technical literacy, the curriculum emphasizes both theoretical and applied science. Teachers and students are encouraged to study the fundamental laws of nature, to be involved in extensive laboratory activities and to become aware of the latest educational and scientific technologies.

In scientific and technical endeavors, there is a need for collaboration with scientists, technicians and citizens. Therefore, teachers and students are encouraged to collaborate in science activities both within the scientific community and throughout New Jersey.

All science courses in the department include a laboratory component, and strive to develop both cognitive and affective skills in each learner, as well as an awareness of the impact of science and technology on the learner’s current and future environment.


Matthew Hall, Ed.D.

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