Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department offers courses in Visual Arts, Music (orchestral and choral), and Dramatics and Film.

Visual Arts: The Visual Arts Department aims to instill lifelong learning through an introduction to the world of Visual Art and an array of related career possibilities. Through active participation in various art projects, both two and three dimensional, students are challenged to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and decision makers. Students are encouraged to be introspective, and to explore their ideas and express their views, therefore becoming better acquainted with themselves and gaining self-confidence.

Music: Music is a composite of science, mathematics, world languages, history and physical education. It is exact, specific and demands exact acoustics, frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody, harmony and exact control of time. It is rhythmically based on subdivisions of time into fractions. It is a highly developed kind of shorthand and semantics that make up the most complete and universal language. It reflects the environment and times of its creation. It requires close coordination of muscles and body control. Music is taught so students will recognize beauty, develop sensitivity and in short, enjoy more out of life. Students enrolled in the various music courses have opportunities to audition for related region and state programs.

Dramatics and Film: The drama department at Hunterdon Central is committed to providing a broad set of experiences in the performing arts. Toward this end, courses in theater and film are offered to students of all grade levels. A very ambitious extra-curricular program of plays and musicals provides many opportunities for participation in acting and technical production.


Dan Twisler
(Art & Music)


Brendan McIsaac
(Dramatics & Film)

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