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Fine Arts

Supervisor: Dan Twisler, Ed.D. (Visual Arts, Vocal & Instrumental Music) 908-284-7157,

Dr. Twisler holds an undergraduate degree from TCNJ, a Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Walden University, and an Ed.D. from the University of the Cumberlands in Educational Leadership. Dr. Twisler came to Hunterdon Central in 2001 as a math teacher. In his 15 years in the math department, he taught a wide variety of topics, specializing in electives like Math & Computers and AP Computer Science. He helped create curriculum for various classes, taught PD in technology, and served on the committee to introduce tablets. In 2014 he was honored as the district Teacher of the Year. He has been a reader and question developer for College Board for APCSA and APCSP. He has been an adjunct at TCNJ since 2015. He spent 5 years as a supervisor of Mathematics and Business at Watchung Hills, where he introduced APCSP to the school and organized annual hackathons. He returned to HCRHS in 2021 as the Art, Business, Health & Phys Ed, and Music supervisor.

Supervisor: Brendan McIsaac (Drama & Film) 908-284-7145,

Mr. McIsaac holds a Master of Letters degree from Drew University and a Master of Educational Leadership and Administration degree from Rutgers University. He started teaching in 1995 and has been at Hunterdon Central since 1997 as an English teacher and supervisor. He currently also supervises Drama and Film. In 2017, as IMC supervisor, Mr. McIsaac worked to develop the District's Makerspace. In 2014, NJPSA recognized him as the New Jersey Visionary Supervisor of the Year. Mr. McIsaac has worked extensively with professional development, technology, testing, and strategic planning, but his passion remains working with teachers and students through curriculum, instruction, and assessment. His involvement in education extends into his home community where Mr. McIsaac served as a board of education member and president for nine years.

Department faculty:

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Fine Arts Department Staff

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Department Description:

The Fine Arts Department offers courses in Visual Arts, Music (orchestral and choral), and Dramatics and Film.

Visual Arts: The Visual Arts Department aims to instill lifelong learning through an introduction to the world of Visual Art and an array of related career possibilities. Through active participation in various art projects, both two and three-dimensional, students are challenged to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, and decision-makers. Students are encouraged to be introspective, and to explore their ideas and express their views, therefore becoming better acquainted with themselves and gaining self-confidence.

Music: Music is a composite of science, mathematics, world languages, history, and physical education. It is exact, specific, and demands exact acoustics, frequencies, intensities, volume changes, melody, harmony, and exact control of time. It is rhythmically based on subdivisions of time into fractions. It is a highly developed kind of shorthand and semantics that make up the most complete and universal language. It reflects the environment and times of its creation. It requires close coordination of muscles and body control. Music is taught so students will recognize beauty, develop sensitivity and, in short, enjoy more out of life. Students enrolled in the various music courses have opportunities to audition for related region and state programs.

Dramatics & Film: The drama department at Hunterdon Central is committed to providing a broad set of experiences in the performing arts. Toward this end, courses in theater and film are offered to students of all grade levels. A very ambitious extra-curricular program of plays and musicals provides many opportunities for participation in acting and technical production.


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Fine Arts Courses in the Program of Studies


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Fine Arts Department Curriculum - Vocal & Instrumental Music

Fine Arts Department Curriculum - Visual Arts

Fine Arts Department Curriculum - Drama & Film