English Department Presentation

Our goal is to create lifelong readers who are meta-cognitive about the breadth and depth of their reading habits. We seek to cultivate curiosity and the confidence to engage others in conversation and the generation of ideas.

We want students to become capable writers with voice, who know how to turn ideas into texts for real purposes and audiences. We help our students grow into empathetic and discerning readers, listeners, and viewers, who can shape questions, make connections, and present ideas to affect positive change.

  • Progressive and highly collaborative staff. Colleagues who publish - books, articles, poetry. Two County Teacher of the Year recipients. AP Language Exam reader.
  • Reading instruction that balances whole class texts, literature circles, and independent reading with reading conferences and a budget for classroom libraries.
  • Writing workshop and assignments emphasizing student choice topics, inquiry and synthesis, craft study, and authentic purposes and audiences.
  • Digital writing projects as part of 1:1 program - blogs, video essays, Ted talks, podcasts, Genius Hour.
  • Student centered discussion and inquiry, Socratic Seminars, literature circles, inner/outer discussions.
  • Student e-portfolios - student goals, artifacts, self-reflection.
  • Weekly Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) based on common courses, topics such as inquiry or book club reading selections.
  • Strong professional development - sustained workshops, peer to peer instruction, professional rounds.


Brendan McIsaac

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