Broadcast Technologies

Supervisor: Jane Armellino, 908-284-7178,

Mrs. Armellino holds an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from New York University. Before coming to Hunterdon Central, she was a member of the technical staff of Bell Communications Research. Mrs. Armellino has been at Hunterdon Central since 2004, as a Mathematics teacher and Supervisor of Special Projects. Her favorite projects allow her to combine her technical background with her love of teaching. She has worked extensively with Hunterdon Central’s Robotics team and was Code Club advisor for ten years, working with students on projects such as the Prevention Resources Help App, which was developed by Code Club students in 2020.


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Broadcast Technologies Staff

Department Description:

Broadcast Technologies courses at Hunterdon Central are designed to give students a broad background in both the theoretical and practical aspects of radio and television broadcasting and technology. The radio and television courses offered are also intended to provide manipulative and mental skills, accurate work habits and an economic understanding required for a career in the broadcast industry.

Department Course Offerings:

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Broadcast Technologies Courses in the Program of Studies.

Department Curriculum:

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Broadcast Technologies Department Curriculum