Twilight Program

Hunterdon Central's Twilight Program offers an individualized program in an environment structured for success. The program was developed for students who find the traditional program at Hunterdon Central incompatible with their individual and educational needs.

The goal of the Twilight Program is to provide students with an alternative, positive school environment in a non-traditional setting, which supports their success and ultimately leads to high school graduation. The program is staffed by Hunterdon Central teachers, a full-time nurse and is also supported by site-based counselors from Hunterdon Medical Center. The Twilight Program's objectives are aligned with the goals for an alternative program recommended in N.J.A.C 6A: 16-8.

The Twilight Program is designed for a wide variety of students. It enables some students to complete their graduation requirements and graduate early; it enables others to incorporate vocational training into their daily schedules. It meets the needs of students who are experiencing difficulty in making adequate progress toward graduation. It also offers an alternative for students who are experiencing social/emotional issues, whose concerns have not been remediated with traditional intervention techniques, strategies and programs.

Students interested in the Twilight Program should contact their school counselor, case manager or vice principal. You may also contact the Program Coordinator, Vice Principal Barbara Manfredi at908 284-7132 or

If you would like to learn more about Hunterdon Central's Twilight Program, or if you are wondering if this option may be an answer for your educational needs, we welcome your calls and questions. Ms. Manfredi will be happy to meet with students and parents to discuss the program, your needs and the process involved in choosing the Twilight Program as your path to a successful future.


Barbara Manfredi
Vice Principal
908 284-7132