Information on Home Instruction

Hunterdon Central began online/virtual learning on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. This type of instruction will continue as long as is determined by the Office of the Governor.

The time schedule below is when students can expect their teachers to be available online. It can also serve as a good pacing guide to plan work. We will continue a virtual A/B day alternating block schedule during our time of home instruction. Teachers, counselors, and administrators will continue to be available from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday, for quick responses to any questions or concerns.

As we move into a longer closure, you will notice a shift in the instruction that we offer to students and in our expectations for student participation. We would like to outline our plan for online instruction:

Phase I:

During our first two weeks of school closure, our goal was to confirm online access for all of our students, set up remote IT help capabilities, train teachers, and maintain skills in all courses.

Phase II:

Phase II introduced new instruction in all courses, established participation as a record of attendance, and continued until Spring Break.

Phase III:

After our return from Spring Break on April 20, we entered into Phase III of online instruction. Here are some key points about this new phase of online instruction:

  • Wherever possible, teachers will focus on utilizing projects that are aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and the approved course curriculum. These will be graded and will constitute the majority of a student’s remote learning grade.
  • Classwork, homework, and other formative assessments assigned during Phase III will continue to receive teacher feedback and may also be used to establish a percentage of the total grade for this time period.
  • When calculating a final grade for a course, teachers may weigh categories of work during closure differently than they had planned when we were in regular session. Teachers are in the process of updating new categories, category weights, and grades in Aspen and will communicate the details about the grading and weight of all work to their classes.
  • If the closure lasts the rest of the school year, each student’s grade earned prior to the health-related closure will represent 75% of the final grade in a full-year course, and 50% of the grade in a semester course. These percentages will shift if the closure is shorter and will be based on the length of this phase of closure compared to the number of days in the school year.
  • Throughout the closure period, teachers will provide utmost flexibility in deadlines, revision/resubmission, etc., to mitigate any potential negative impact on student course grades during the closure. Teachers will remain in contact with parents of struggling students, as they always have.

The school closure has created a disruption to our regular process of instructing, assessing, and grading students. While we are confident that our teachers are moving forward with creative, innovative online instruction in alignment with New Jersey’s curriculum standards, we are also aware that the limitations inherent in this method of instruction may result in difficulties for some of our students.

Because of this, we are considering offering a Pass/Fail option for final grades in any full year and second semester course this year. If we offer this option, students would begin the process of opting for a Pass/Fail grade by consulting with their counselors, closer to the end of the school year. We are currently working with postsecondary partners and other education experts to examine all of the potential impacts of Pass/Fail. We will provide complete details on this option and the procedure to be followed as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions about our plan for online instruction. When we return to our normal classes on campus, teachers will work with students to strengthen any difficulties they may have experienced with this learning, before any traditional grades are entered.

  • Counselor, Vice Principal, and House Office contact information can be found here.
  • Department Supervisor contact information can be found here.
  • Counselor contact information can be found here.
While studying from home, the Central Hub will be available for remote support of your technology, including Aspen. Email:

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no NJSLA (formerly known as PARRC) standardized testing in Spring 2020. College Board has also provided information on SAT and AP testing on the College Board Website.

Videoconferencing & Student Privacy

As we continue online instruction during our school closure, teachers and counselors are relying more on videoconferencing and other tools to connect with students.

Our staff are trained in the use of these platforms and are prioritizing privacy and safety. In videoconferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet, students are able to see and hear one another. Our staff members are supervising these virtual classrooms, just as they would supervise classrooms at school. They are using settings and tools to ensure that they are in control of these conference sessions.

Our teachers are providing pre-recorded lectures and demonstrations that students can view when it fits into their home schedule. Students will not be able to interact with the teacher or with other students while viewing these.

However, live videoconference sessions will usually involve small groups or individual students engaged in discussions, tutorials, and collaborative projects. Out of respect for our students’ privacy, we are asking that parents/guardians and other family members refrain from monitoring these live sessions. We recommend that students use a quiet space in the home and that they remain mindful that their surroundings appear in the video. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to record these sessions without prior written approval from the district.

These live videoconferences are an important part of our efforts to preserve relationships among our students and teachers. If you have any concerns about your child’s participation in these live sessions, please contact our Director of Curriculum, Jessica Cangelosi-Hade, at:

Participation & Attendance:

Daily Attendance Process Effective April 27, 2020:

  • A Daily Attendance link will be emailed to students’ school email accounts each day.
  • All students must sign in daily by 11:00 AM, in order to be recorded as “present” for the day.

  • If you are sick and would otherwise be absent from school, you should sign in to the Daily Attendance link, indicate that you are “Absent”, and provide a brief reason for the absence in the “Comment” line.
  • If a student is too ill to record their absence, parents/guardians should email their child’s House Secretary.
    • 12th Grade - Patricia Cruz:
    • 11th Grade - Anneliese Nifoussi
    • 10th Grade- Robin Krug:
    • 9th Grade - Carol Rocha
  • Students who do not sign in daily will receive an email from their respective House Office and may be considered truant from school.
  • Participation for each class will continue to be recorded via student participation and will be displayed in Aspen as 3, 2, or 1.

Our teachers, counselors, house secretaries, and administration have been working to make the connections between students and their learning clear and consistent. This participation record will serve as an important piece of communication for clarity and will help ensure consistent student involvement in this learning.

Please realize that the participation record is also a primary indicator of student attendance. Since online learning is structured to be flexible for students, there are no set class times. Student participation will serve as the mark for attendance beginning with participation this week, to be posted on April 6, 2020. If you have a question about a score, please reach out to your teacher(s).