Health, Safety and Discipline


The HCRHS Code of Conduct is based on the six pillars of character. As per BOE Policy and Regulations, the code of conduct has been developed to foster the health, safety, social and emotional well-being of our students. Our goal is to maintain a civil, safe, supportive and disciplined school environment.

  • Respect: I will be considerate of the feelings and property of others and treat them without bias or judgment.
  • Responsibility: I will act in a mature manner and be prepared for any consequences both positive and negative.
  • Caring: I will be sensitive to the beliefs, ideas, feelings and experiences of others.
  • Trustworthiness: I will be reliable, honest and dependable.
  • Fairness: I will treat others equally regardless of their ideas, opinions or moral standards.
  • Citizenship: I will take pride and be a good role model in my country, my town and my school.

HCRHS follows the state recommended guidelines of state legislation (NJSA 18A:37-1) regarding school discipline and supervision. The established school rules on conduct apply to all school-related functions/activities, both on and off campus. Students who persist in violating our code of conduct will be referred to their vice principal.

Restorative Practices:

To operationalize the mission statement into supporting success of all students, the following elements of restorative practices serve as guiding principles. It is key that both staff and students take active roles in this process.

  • Establish a collaborative relationship to build a sense of safety and trust
    - Listen and share perspectives
  • Share and explain the consequences
  • Decide how student makes amends to school community (if applicable)

Affirmative Action Statement & Contacts

The Hunterdon Central Regional High School District shall provide equal and bias-free access for all pupils to all school facilities, courses, programs, activities, and services, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, or socioeconomic status.

Click on the link for:Affirmative Action Contact Information

Detention Hall Policy

  1. Report to detention as assigned. All school rules apply. Electronic devices are not permitted unless being used for academic purposes and with the approval of the proctor. Chromebooks can be used for school work only, and screens must be facing the detention proctor. Cell phone usage is not permitted, and the cell phone policy remains in effect during detention.
  2. Students are expected to bring sufficient work materials and are encouraged to remain academically engaged throughout the detention period. Students should bring appropriate reading materials if they have no assigned homework.
  3. In case of an emergency illness, students must see the nurse. (Students are considered to be cutting if not officially excused.)
  4. Students who are absent are expected to make it up on the next day detention is scheduled. With a valid, documented reason student may request, IN ADVANCE, a change in the detention date. This must be approved by the Vice Principal.
  5. Consequence for missing detention will be a doubling of the consequence. Further dates missed will result in suspension in addition to the previously assigned detention.
  6. Tutorials may not take the place of detention assignments.
  7. Students who are removed from detention for failure to comply with the rules will be reassigned 2 detentions and risk being suspended out of school.


Extended Detention

  1. Students assigned to Extended Detention will report to the assigned room promptly at 2:15 PM and remain until 5:15 PM. Students arriving late may be refused admittance and additional discipline will be assigned. All school rules apply (see Detention Hall Policy).
  2. Students are expected to bring sufficient work or appropriate reading materials for the duration of the detention period. A component of community service may be included during the detention period to be served on campus under school supervision.
  3. Students in violation of the detention requirements will receive additional disciplinary consequences.
  4. Transportation is not provided and is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Lunch Detention

  1. Students must report to the detention room no later than 10 minutes from the start of lunch, and remain until dismissed.
  2. Students should bring all necessary school materials.
  3. Students are to be orderly and quiet at all times.
  4. Students may not sleep, talk, pass notes, or communicate with others in the room.
  5. Students may bring lunch from home. Students wishing to purchase lunch will be escorted from the detention room to do so. Students who violate any of the lunch detention rules will be sent to the appropriate vice principal for additional disciplinary action. Certain offenses may result in Lunch Detention for the remainder of the school year.

Students who violate any of the lunch detention rules will be sent to the appropriate vice principal for additional disciplinary action. Certain offenses may result in LD for the remainder of the school year.

Out-Of-School Suspension

  1. Students are not allowed on school grounds at any time during their suspension.
  2. Students are not allowed to take part in any school activities during their suspension.
  3. Students have the right to make up work missed during their suspension, subject to department policy.
  4. Arrangements for all assignments, materials, and/or textbooks are to be made by calling the appropriate counselor.

Infraction Clarification

Abusive Language/Profanity

The use of abusive language, profanity or obscene gestures will be grounds for disciplinary action. These actions include verbal and written incidents.

Activity Bus

The service provided is a courtesy service and is determined daily based on the number of students who sign up. Students are required to sign up online by 2:50pm. They are also required to have a valid HCRHS ID and a valid pass from a staff member indicating their reason for remaining after school. Not following these procedures may result in students being denied access to the bus.

Assault on District BOE Members/Employees

A person, purposely, knowingly or recklessly, causes or attempts to cause bodily injury to another. Action will be taken according to state law NJAC 6A: 16-5.7

Assault on a Student

A person, purposely, knowingly or recklessly, causes or attempts to cause bodily injury to another. Action will be taken according to state law and a ten day out-of-school suspension may be assigned.


A bias-related act as defined in Policy 5600 will be treated as a Tier 4 infraction, and will result in a minimum of a 5-10 day suspension at the sole discretion of the District administration. A bias-related act may take the form of, but is not limited to, any disciplinary infraction described in this regulation. A “bias-related act” is an act directed at a person, group of persons, private property, or public property that is motivated in whole or part by racial, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation, or ethnic prejudice. This includes the use of racial epithets or slurs, or any other derogatory language, and any and all forms thereof, understood to be referring to race, gender, disability, religion or sexual orientation, or ethnicity. All bias-related acts, confirmed or suspected, will be reported to law enforcement.

Bus Misconduct

Disruptive behavior on the bus may result in detention, suspension and/or removal from the bus. Misbehavior that results in the traffic disturbance and/or puts other drivers, passengers or pedestrians in jeopardy may involve contact with local law enforcement. It is not necessary to suspend a student from school to revoke the bus privilege. N.J.S.A.18A: 25-2 reads in part, “A pupil will be excluded from the bus for disciplinary reasons by the principal, and his parents shall provide for his transportation to and from school during the period of expulsion.”

Criminal Threats

A criminal act is considered the act of expressing, either physically or verbally, the intent to commit a violent criminal offense against another. It is made for the purpose of putting another in imminent fear under circumstances reasonably causing the victim to believe the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it will be carried out.

Cutting class

Being absent from class or failure to attend assigned discipline without authorization while being in attendance on the day of the absence. Extreme lateness to class or leaving class before dismissal without permission will also be classified as cutting.

Disruptive Behavior

This is defined as any behavior that impinges on the learning/school environment. Disruption may result in detention or suspension depending on the severity of the incident. Suspension will be invoked if a student continually causes disruption.

Dress Code

Inappropriate dress can be disruptive to the educational process. Student attire shall be neat and clean. The school administration reserves the right to make the final decision regarding appropriate dress in school.

Click here to view: HCRHS Dress Code Policy

Click here to view:
HCRHS Dress Code Regulations

Electronic Devices

Parents/Guardians needing to contact a student in an emergency situation should handle the communication through the student's House Office secretary. Please be advised that unless your child's phone is off completely, communicating with your child while your child is in class may result in an electronic device violation. Unauthorized use of electronic communication devices is prohibited during instructional/class time or during detention. A violation that occurs during any testing period may also result in an academic integrity violation. At all times and for safety purposes, one ear must be free of any listening device. The device should not be near the earlobe. Electronic devices may be used during the times listed below and should only be used in a responsible manner:

  • Before/After School
  • During block changes
  • During Lunch


The use of beepers/pagers is still against the NJ Criminal Code. According to the code, students may not use or be in possession of a beeper/pager at school. Rescue Squad or Fire Department student volunteers are not permitted to respond to off-campus emergencies during the school day. Therefore, related equipment should be turned off during the school day.


Students may not capture audio, photo, or video without explicit permission from school staff. Additionally, students are not allowed to share or post audio, photo or video without explicit permission from school staff. Cell phones and audio/video recording devices can ONLY be used with specific permission of a staff member or student. The use of this equipment must not violate anyone's right to privacy. Police notification and/or school discipline will be determined based upon the nature and severity of the incident. Sharing and/or posting of said images/audio/video will be considered a violation of the HCRHS Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Policy.

Explosive Devices

The use or possession of any explosive device is prohibited by law. The students may be suspended and/or expelled. Local law enforcement will be notified.

False fire alarms

Knowingly setting off a fire alarm when no fire exists. Action will be taken according to NJ state law and will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion.

False Public Alarms

A person is guilty if he/she threatens to commit any crime of violence with purpose to terrorize another or to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation, or otherwise to cause serious public inconvenience, or in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience.


Fighting is defined as the mutual engagement in a physical confrontation that may result in bodily injury to either party. Circumstances leading to the incident will be investigated.

Food Consumption

During instructional time, no food will be eaten outside the cafeteria without written permission from either the school nurse or an administrator.


Gambling is defined in the NJ Statutes, Title 18A as “staking or risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance.” A contest of chance is defined as “any contest, game, pool, gaming scheme, or gaming device in which the outcome depends in a material degree upon an element of chance.” All gambling is strictly prohibited on school property.


To maintain an environment of respect and safety for everyone, students must refrain from bothering or harassing other students. Harassment is unwanted, uninvited, and unwelcome, and causes nuisance, alarm, or substantial distress. It can include, but is not limited to, words or behaviors that threaten, intimidate, or demean a person. Police notification and/or school discipline will be determined based upon the nature and severity of the incident.

*Violation of this code of conduct infraction does not necessarily result in a violation of our harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) policy

Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying

Please click to view Hunterdon Central's policies on Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying.

ID Violation

I.D. Cards

At the start of each school year, every student is issued a student ID. This ID should be in the student’s possession at all times while the student is on campus. If a student discovers he/she has left the ID at home, he/she should report to the nearest house office before school to obtain a temporary ID. Repeated failure to have an ID will result in disciplinary action. At any time, a staff member can ask a student to produce an ID and the student must comply. Refusal to do so will be considered insubordination and may result in suspension.

All students must have their Hunterdon Central issued ID when in the building or on school property. Students must have their issued ID in their possession when attending school-related activities. An ID is a school-issued item, which must be kept in the same condition in which it was issued and must be able to work in campus swipe machines. A student who does not have an ID must report to a house office and obtain a temporary ID.

An ID that is lost, won’t swipe or is defaced/ damaged must be replaced at the expense of the student. The replacement cost is $7.00. A student must report to a House office to obtain a temporary ID and order a new one. These violations may also include but are not limited to:
• having an ID that is not issued to you

• use/possession of an inactive ID

• allowing someone else to use your ID


Any student who provides or attempts to provide a urine sample other than his or her own for testing, or any student who provides or attempts to provide a urine sample for another student for testing, or who performs any act to attempt to impede/tamper with, or which does impede/tamper with, the testing of himself or herself or any other student, shall be deemed to be in violation of the HCRHS Code of Conduct: Impeding Student Drug Testing, and shall be subject to all sanctions that are applicable to that violation.


Refusing to comply with a staff member’s instructions. Inappropriate behavior, such as delayed compliance toward a staff member’s instruction, is also considered insubordination. Given the nature and severity of the incident, the offense may result in detention or suspension. Refusal to identify oneself, showing an ID and/or fleeing from a staff member is considered insubordination. This offense may result in suspension.

Laser Pointers

Students are only permitted to use a laser pointer in a classroom setting with teacher supervision and approval. Use outside these parameters is prohibited and in some instances, subject to law enforcement notification and/or school discipline.


Loitering is defined as standing idly about, and/or proceeding slowly with many stops. Students may not loiter between classes. This includes areas such as lavatories, hallways and outside school buildings. Loitering will be treated as a disciplinary infraction subject to disciplinary action.

Off Limits

Students found to be on campus but not in their assigned area are considered to be off limits. Examples of this include loitering between classes, not using the lavatory closest to their classroom, taking an intentionally detoured route to/from appointments, or stopping at the cafeteria without medical permission.


Any object not related to an educational activity thrown in the school building, on/from a school bus or on school grounds is prohibited. These include, but are not limited to: snowballs, coins, pencils, books, etc. Disciplinary action and/or police notification will result according to the severity of the infraction.

Public display of affection

Students should refrain from such activity while on school grounds or school bus or in attendance at school-related functions. Violations will result in disciplinary action. Consensual sexual contact is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. Sexual assault will be referred to local law enforcement.

Skateboards / Skates / Scooters

Students may use these devices traveling to and from school; however, the use of skateboards, skates and scooters is not permitted on school grounds at any time. Disciplinary action will result. During the school day, these items should be stored in the student’s locker or designated offices.

Substance Abuse

Confirmed use, possession, selling, purchasing, distribution or otherwise transferring illegal drugs or alcohol will be dealt with in accordance

with our Substance Abuse Policy and state law NJAC 6A: 16-5.7.

Click to view:

HCRHS Substance Abuse Policy

Click to view:

HCRHS Substance Abuse Regulations

Tardiness To School/Class

Tardies to class/school are cumulative and disciplinary action will be taken accordingly. Students may receive multiple tardies in a school day. Three tardies to a particular course is considered one absence in that course. Bell Schedules with beginning times for each block can be found here..


The taking of the school district’s or a person’s belongings without consent. Law enforcement will be notified as necessary.


The entry onto school property or into a school building without permission when the individual knows that he/she is not privileged to be on the property. (ex: suspension) Any individual found trespassing on school grounds will receive a letter of warning for the first offense. Any subsequent infractions will be turned over to local law enforcement for prosecution.


Absence from school grounds for all or part of the day without authorization from the school or prior authorization from the parent to the House Office. A student who arrives at school and then leaves school property is considered truant.

Vandalism-Destruction/Defacing School Property

An act that purposely, knowingly or recklessly destroys or defaces school, contracted or personal property causing economic loss due to repair or replacement. The student or his/her parents are required to pay for the damages.

Water Launchers

This is defined as any device fashioned to propel liquid. Possession and/or use of these devices will result in disciplinary action. Using these devices to propel substances other than water which could harm an individual will be subject to more severe disciplinary action such as suspension. The student or his/her parents are required to pay for any damages.


Weapons include any instrument readily capable of lethal use or of inflicting bodily injury but are not limited to: handguns, rifles, knives, clubs or other bludgeons, chains, sling shots, leather bands studded with metal filings, razor blades, stun guns, and any device that projects or releases a substance that is intended to produce temporary or permanent injury through being dispensed into the air.

Action for the use, possession, selling or transferring of a weapon, (including lookalikes) will be taken according to state law. A weapons violation may result in expulsion proceedings.

A request to bring a weapon or its facsimile to school to be utilized as part of a curricular program must be cleared with the vice-principal and security staff in advance. If clearance is granted, the student will make arrangements with school security for escort and supervision of the demonstration.

emergency procedures

Students are expected to follow specific directions given for the protection of their safety and well being and that of the school. Each classroom has an emergency response flipchart with the procedures outlined. This information can also be found on the school website.

Fire Drills/Evacuations

When the fire alarm sounds, all class activities should cease immediately. Teachers must accompany their classes out of the building to designated areas. Students are to:
• leave in a quiet, orderly manner
• accompany their teacher to the designated area
• remain with their class for the remainder of the drill
Students who fail to adhere to the fire drill procedure may be subject to disciplinary action.


A Lockdown will be called in the event that there is imminent danger on campus. Seek immediate cover, remain quiet and comply with safety directives given by those in authority.


A secure condition will be announced when an emergency occurs in close proximity to our campus or outside of one of our buildings. It is a precautionary form of alert. Students and staff should remain in the building they are in and refrain from moving about the campus until clearance is given.


A Hold condition will be announced if there is an emergency in the hallways that requires a response that could be impeded by the presences of staff and/or students. Staff and students should remain in their classrooms until the emergency condition is cleared. Movement in the hallways is prohibited during this condition.


A Shelter condition will be called in response to an environmental emergency such as a tornado.

Nurse/Health Office

A nurse will be available on campus from 7:30 AM - 2:50 PM on Monday through Thursday and from 7:30 AM - 2:03 PM on Friday, to assist students with health needs. These needs range from emergency care and first aid to giving prescription medication. Students who need to self-administer emergency medication during school hours, such as anakit, epipen or inhaler, must have their physician complete the Hunterdon Central Regional High School Emergency Drug Form. These forms are available in the health offices or in the health office booklet and are to be brought to the health office the first day of school. All medications, including over the counter drugs, to be dispensed at school must have a physician’s order and must be brought to the health office in the original container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy, or physician with student’s name, name of the drug, dosage and time of administration. N.J.S.A. 18A:40-12..3. If any medication is not properly registered with the school nurse, disciplinary action will be taken. In addition, the nurses and their secretaries cooperate with the School Medical Inspector and family doctors to provide suitable assistance for each student. The health office maintains each student's health records, all accident and insurance reports, and conducts state-mandated tests as well as physicals for vision, hearing, scoliosis, sports participation, and all ninth grade students.

Visitor Policy

The only visitors permitted in the school are those persons who have specific business that is prearranged with a staff member. Students anticipating enrolling at Central are encouraged to contact our Counseling Services department to have a school sponsored tour. No other student visitors are permitted.