Athletics, Activities and Student Life


Realizing that interscholastic sports make a rich contribution to the total education, Hunterdon Central Regional High School aims to provide its students with an extensive athletic program based on pupil interest as a supplement to a well-balanced academic program.

The athletic program at Hunterdon Central is one of the most comprehensive in New Jersey. Students may choose from thirty-three interscholastic sports, which include:

FALL: Football, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Field Hockey, Girls Gymnastics, Fall Cheerleading, Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Soccer, and Girls Volleyball.

WINTER: Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Wrestling, Boys and Girls Winter Track, Winter Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Swimming, Boys and Girls Bowling, Ice Hockey, Boys and Girls Fencing.

SPRING: Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Golf, Boys Tennis, Boys and Girls Track, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, and Boys Volleyball


Hunterdon Central student-athletes, as well as students participating in other activities, are subject to a number of eligibility rules and regulations maintained by the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association and/or the local school district. Any student found to be involved in hazing activities will be immediately and permanently removed from participation. We reserve the right to remove students from participation for conduct unbecoming of an HC student, as defined by the HC Code of Conduct. Listed below are common regulations dealing with academic standards, of which students should be aware. Students who graduate early are not eligible to participate in athletics or activities.

  1. To be eligible for athletic competition and/or activities during the first semester of the 2023-2024 school year, students in grades 10-12 must have passed a minimum of 30 credits during the 2023-2024 school year. First semester freshmen are automatically eligible.

  2. To be eligible for athletic competition and/or club activities during the second semester of the 2023-2024 school year, students in grades 9-12 must have passing grades in 15 credits at the end of the first semester. To determine this eligibility, courses with a credit value of five (5) and which span two quarters, will be prorated to 2.5 credits. A grade of WP or WF and/or a medical exemption from physical education may affect eligibility.


Students who want to participate in inter-collegiate athletics must consult their counselor regarding the high school courses that will meet the eligibility standards established by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

It is recommended that student athletes make their counselors aware of their intention to participate in inter-collegiate athletics as soon as they enter high school. Making the counselor aware of their intention better ensures that eligibility criteria will be met. Most, but not all, collegiate athletic programs are regulated by the NCAA rules on eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid.

The NCAA has three member divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. Institutions are members of one of these divisions based on the size and scope of their athletic program and whether or not they provide athletic scholarships. A listing of all NCAA member institutions and their divisions is available in the College/Career Center.

Any student-athlete planning to participate in Division I or Division II athletics, regardless of financial aid status, must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center Online by the end of his/her junior year of high school. Please note new core requirements & seven semester rules. Eligibility Center Code is 9999 for all test scores SAT, ACT.

Forms to register for the NCAA Eligibility Center can be found online at and additional information regarding collegiate athletic eligibility are available in the Counseling Services Office.



In addition to providing transportation to and from school each day, Hunterdon Central also provides limited transportation for those students who remain after school for tutorial instruction and/or school-sponsored extra and/or co-curricular programs.

The criteria for establishing activity bus routes shall be adequacy, safety, and economy as defined in Board Policy and regulations.

The point of departure for activity buses is the Commons parking lot. All buses will depart together to assure that all students are aboard. Activity bus transportation will be provided on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Stops are made at any safe place along the route. Students must let the driver know where they need to disembark.

Process for Activity Bus/Late Bus:

To ride on the activity bus, a student must follow the procedure outlined below:

1.Sign up prior to 2:50 PM on by logging into Aspen
and following these:Late Bus Signup - Student Instructions.

2. Be in possession of Hunterdon Central ID card.

3. Secure a pass designated for the activity bus from the teacher/advisor with whom you stayed.

4. Present student ID and surrender bus pass to the bus driver.

5. Students should inform the driver where they are getting off the bus before the bus leaves.

6. Students are expected to wear their seat belts.


Click to view: Activity Bus/Late Bus Routes


In order that students' lives are not placed in jeopardy, an atmosphere of safety must be constantly maintained on school buses. For this reason the following regulations are in effect on all school buses operated in the Hunterdon Central Regional High School District.

  1. Drivers will give each student an assigned seat on the bus. Students will be held responsible for any damage.
  2. Students are asked not to sit in the rear seats unless no other seats are available. (This improves rear visibility, helps discipline, and avoids injury in the event of a rear-end collision.)
  3. Once a student has boarded the bus, he/she must take a seat and remain in the seat.
  4. No food of any kind may be eaten on the bus; this includes chewing gum.
  5. All students are expected to be at their designated bus stop five minutes early. In case of a breakdown, a second bus will be sent. WAIT.
  6. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while waiting for a bus and to stay off the roadway at their pickup location.
  7. Students will be picked up and dropped off only at designated bus stops.
  8. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to enter or leave it.
  9. Keep hands and heads inside the bus at all times.
  10. Refrain from loud talking and other behavior which may interfere with the proper performance of duty by the driver.
  11. Report promptly to the driver any damage to a bus.
  12. Students should assist in keeping the bus sanitary.
  13. Students should consider it their duty to behave as politely on a school bus as they would at home in the presence of guests.
  14. All buses unload as they arrive at the high school. Students are to report to a supervised area. Any student leaving campus at this time will be considered truant.
  15. Students wishing to ride an alternate bus must submit a written request from parents to the respective house office at least 24 hours in advance of planned trip. Written request should include date of change. Written requests for a daily or weekly scheduled alternate drop off will be valid for one quarter, and must be re-approved by the student's vice principal at the start of each quarter. When riding another student's bus, the sending and receiving parents must submit notes indicating approval.
  16. Students wishing to take an alternate bus to a job location must submit a written request from parents and employer giving permission and work schedule to the respective House Office.

Students who will not abide by the above regulations will be subject to disciplinary action and bus privileges may be denied. It is your safety we are concerned about; therefore, we will do all we can to ensure it, and you must do all you can. Student transportation is supported by state and local taxes. Students who cause damage to the school buses contribute to the cost of transportation and the amount of taxes needed to support the transportation system.


Solicitation and pupil fundraising should be for the sole benefit of HCRHS-approved school organizations. The administrator responsible for student activities must approve all fundraising. Solicitation or distribution of materials for the benefit of non-related organizations or groups is prohibited. Students are not permitted to solicit or collect money on school premises for the pupil’s own benefit. All materials to be displayed or distributed are to contain the approval signature of an administrator. Additional information is available in the Board of Education policies #5721 and #5830.


If desired, each student will be assigned a locker to use during the school year and will be assessed a one-time fee of $7.00. The student is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the locker, both inside and out. Offensive materials may not be displayed in or on lockers and infractions may be subject to disciplinary action. Students may use only their assigned locker and will be subject to disciplinary action if found in violation. All lockers are and shall remain the property of the Board.

Students are expected to secure their valuables in a designated secured areas, as identified by the teacher, during Physical Education classes. Students are required to keep their assigned lockers closed and locked against incursion by other students, but no student may use a locker as a depository for a substance or object which is prohibited or which constitutes a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the occupants of the school building.

The Board of Education reserves the right to authorize its designated employees to conduct routine inspections of student lockers, also to include canine inspection, without specific notice as to when particular lockers will be inspected.


Over the course of the school year, HCRHS loans students a variety of materials including textbooks, library materials, locks, uniforms, athletic, electronic and band equipment. All materials are to be returned by a designated time that is set by the teacher, library media specialist, coach or advisor. Students will be assessed and must pay for any lost or damaged items. Fines will be imposed on overdue library materials. To help students remember what obligations they have, an email will be sent to their school email. The name of any student owing materials or charges will also be placed on the Obligations List that will be circulated to the faculty and posted throughout the school. Please note that fines paid for unreturned books or materials at the end of the school year will not be refunded after September 15th of the following school year. If you have located a missing item, return promptly for a possible refund. Return:

  • Textbooks to the Supervisors office by room 808.
  • Athletic items to the appropriate coach
  • Library materials to the IMC circulation desk

While we hope that students will act responsibly to clear their obligations in a timely manner, the following consequences for outstanding obligations have been set in place.

Students with outstanding obligations can not:
• Participate in school activities (including but not limited to the Junior Prom and Senior Ball)
• Participate in any graduation activities.
• Participate in the sports banquet.
• Apply for parking privileges (or may lose parking privileges.)
• Participate in extra-curricular activities (including clubs, athletics, fine arts performances and trips). This consequence applies only if a name appears on the obligations list prior to the beginning of the activity.



Parking on campus is a privilege reserved for seniors. Board-approved juniors in line for early graduation can also apply. If the junior does not graduate early, however, they will not be eligible for a second year of the privilege. Students are to adhere to the Student Use of Vehicles Regulation 5514

Application/Distribution Process

  • Applications must be completed through Aspen within the guidelines established by the school administration including a Random Student Drug Testing consent form. A photocopy of the following documents should be attached at time of decal pick-up: valid NJ driver’s license and motor vehicle registration for the vehicle that is registered with the school. As part of the application process, students and parents are required to attend a driving safety presentation.
  • With limited availability, students are issued parking spaces based on a lottery process.
  • A non-refundable $75 fee will be assessed for year-long parking. Students who have this privilege revoked are not entitled to a refund.


  • All vehicles parked in the student parking areas must have an authorized student decal affixed to the driver’s side rear windshield. Students are only authorized to use pre-registered student-decaled vehicles. Any temporary change of vehicle must be reported to the senior class Vice-Principal.
  • Students may drive only pre-registered vehicles to school and must park head-on in their assigned space.
  • Students may park in faculty spaces after 2:50pm. At all times, students are prohibited from parking in reserved and handicapped spaces.
  • Students with early out must leave campus or sign in with the senior office. You may return to campus for extracurricular, co-curricular activities, and other related activities at 2:13pm.
  • The Board of Education reserves the right to authorize its designated employees to conduct inspections of student vehicles when reasonable suspicion exists that an item(s), unlawful in nature, may be concealed within the vehicle. Searches may include canine inspection.


  • Decals are not transferable from student to student and/or vehicle to vehicle. This will result in permanent loss of privilege.
  • Movement of vehicles and going to your vehicle during the school day (7:35 - 2:03 PM) without appropriate approval, and travel through driveways restricted to authorized school vehicles will result in loss of privilege.
  • Students who are suspended out-of-school will lose their parking privileges.
  • Students who are truant from school will lose their parking privileges.
  • Careless and reckless driving, as determined by the administration, will result in revocation of parking privileges.
  • If a space is not used, or if a student’s name appears on the school-wide obligations list for two weeks (10 consecutive school days) the sticker may be revoked unless illness or special circumstances can be confirmed.
  • Students in violation of the Substance Abuse Policy are not eligible for parking privileges.
  • Illegal parking will result in extended detention, ticketing and/or possible towing of vehicle.
  • Tardy to Class- This count is cumulative throughout the school year:
    • Six (6) lates to block 1 = loss of parking for one week.
    • Eight (8)lates to block 1= additional 2 week loss of privilege
    • Ten (10) lates to block 1 = permanent suspension of privilege


An ordinance of the Township of Raritan, County of Hunterdon, and State of New Jersey entitled “Traffic Regulation and Parking Regulation on Lands and Grounds of Hunterdon Central Regional High School.” Be it ordained, by the Township Committee of the Township of Raritan, as follows:

  1. No person shall park a vehicle at any time along any roadway (outlined in red) indicated on the site plan. The attached site plan is hereby made part of the Ordinance.
  2. All vehicles must park within the painted white lines on the roadway in the parking areas.
  3. All vehicles must park in designated areas. Vehicles permitted to park shall be properly identified.
  4. There shall be no parking in any other area not specifically marked for parking. “No Parking Anytime” signs shall be installed in all prohibited areas.
  5. The roadways and driveways shall be designated one-way in the direction shown on the attached site plan which is hereby made part of this Ordinance.
  6. The reserved parking spaces for persons who have been issued special vehicle identification cards are indicated on the attached site plan and no other person shall be permitted to park.
  7. The school bus loading zone shall be established in parking Lot E as indicated on the attached site plan.
  8. The intersection of the southerly most driveways of parking lot F and parking lot G is designated as a yield intersection. A yield sign shall be installed from the exit of parking lot F to Parking lot G which is shown on the attached site plan.
  9. Each parking area must be first identified as parking Area A, B, C, etc. by signs and so included on the site plan.
  10. No person shall park a vehicle between the hours of 12:00 am (midnight) and 6:00 am.
  11. Any unoccupied vehicle parked or standing in violation of this Ordinance shall be deemed a nuisance and a menace to the safe and proper regulation of traffic and any police officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle. The owner shall pay the reasonable costs of the removal and storage which may result from such removal, before regaining possession of the vehicle.
  12. Unless another penalty is expressly provided by New Jersey Statute, every person convicted of a violation or provision of this Ordinance or any supplement thereto, shall be liable to a penalty of not more than fifty dollars ($50.00) or imprisonment for a term not exceeding I5 days or both.


Student government at Hunterdon Central is the students’ voice in the affairs of the school. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in Student Council activities. Active participation in this form of self-government is the duty of each student who believes that decisions affecting students must be made jointly by the Student Council, the teachers and the administration. It is comprised of two parts: Student Council and the Class Council. The roles and descriptions of the student government branches are explained in the student government constitution. Candidates for student and class council officers need to be members of the respective organizations. We reserve the right to remove students from participation for conduct unbecoming of a HC student as defined by the HC Code of Conduct. Even if you do not become a member in the student government, you retain the right to have your opinions heard. All meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend. With your cooperation, we can benefit from a strong student government at Hunterdon Central.


New Jersey General Employment Child Labor Laws prohibit anyone under age 16 from working more than 3 hours a school day. A student over age 16 may work 8 hours a day or 40 hours per week. Parents are advised to closely supervise the work demands employers put on students. It is often difficult for a student to keep up with homework and study for tests if he or she works more than two or three hours a night.

Working papers are processed by the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Please click on the link to learn about the process of applying for working papers:
Working Papers Webpage