Data Center

The District maintains a centralized server center providing network connectivity, Internet services, file storage, telephone, video and data services. This server center is protected by Hunterdon Central's security staff, as well as monitored 24/7/365 by an outside alarm system. In addition, the server center has the following characteristics:

  • Power: This server center is supported by an enterprise-class uninterruptible power supply which provides battery backup for momentary losses of power. A diesel generator is also in place in case of an extended power failure. The generator can provide power indefinitely.
  • HVAC: The room is also kept at a constant temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit by dedicated rooftop air conditioning units. Backup units in a different section of the building can be re-routed in case of an emergency.
  • Backup of data: All data is stored on a Storage Array Network for maximum data protection and security. Nightly backups of all server information are made both locally to disks and a tape library system, as well as remotely to disks at an off-campus facility in Pennsylvania via dedicated fiber. A disaster recovery plan is in place for quick and efficient recovery.
  • Internet Access: Two 1 Gbps ethernet Internet circuits provide robust access and are routed through different pathways for backup in the case of an outage by either circuit. Hunterdon Central's Internet uptime exceeds 99.9%.