Facilities Fee Chart

FacilityRental Fees
Group III
Group IV**
Group II & I
Fundraiser Only
Auditorium - Rehearsal
Little Theater

Little Theater - Rehearsal
Cafeteria (Commons) 11/12
Cafeteria (Upper Campus) 9/10
KitchenSee below
See below
Stewart Field with Lights (first 4 hours)
Stewart Field with Lights (additional per hour) $50
Stewart Field without Lights (first 4 hours) $650
Stewart Field without Lights (additional per hour)
Athletic Fields (per day)
Athletic Fields (per season/once per week)
Gymnasium (per day)
Field House (per day)

* Kitchen only available by special request. The food service company (FSC) must supply all prepared food products and operate all equipment. Costs to be determined by the FSC

** Group IV will be charged 1/5 of the Group III rental fees.