Mercury Testing

Gymnasium floors installed before the early 2000's may contain mercury, which can contribute to elevated levels of mercury vapor in the air. Hunterdon Central has two such floors: one in the Field House/Wrestling Room complex on the 11/12 campus (encapsulated beneath a plastic barrier and newer wooden floor), and one in the Auxiliary Gymnasium of the 9/10 campus.

In August of 2019, Hunterdon Central worked with the New Jersey Department of Health and environmental consultants to test the air quality in these two gymnasiums. In every sample, mercury vapor levels were below the threshold of concern identified by the Department of Health (800 nanograms of mercury per cubic meter of air).

Hunterdon Central's Operations Specialists inspect and maintain floors per Department of Health recommendations. Ventilation systems in both areas run continuously to provide air flow, and both areas also undergo periodic testing and regular inspections. Test results are posted below.

January 2020 - PARS Environmental Report on 11/12 Field House and 9/10 Auxiliary Gymnasium

August 2019 - NJ Department of Health letter on the 11/12 Field House

August 2019 - PARS Environmental report on the 9/10 Auxiliary Gymnasium