Board of Education

The Hunterdon Central Regional High School Board of Education is comprised of nine elected volunteers from our five sending districts who are committed to working together in a collaborative, cooperative, and respectful manner to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all HCRHS students and staff.

From left to right: Noelle O'Donnell, Dorothea Kellogg, Lisa Hughes, Jerry Rymar, Lori Blutfield, Bruce Davidson, Caine Fowler, Rebecca Petersen, Sue Duggan.

Board of Education Conduct & Culture

    The diversity of perspectives and exriences among board members reflects the communities they serve. Board members are encouraged to bring these unique perspectives to the work of the Board while working collaboratively with fellow board members toward our common goals.

    Hunterdon Central's Board of Education commits to the following principles of conduct as the basic foundation of Board culture:

    • Board members uphold all District Policies and Regulations and comply with existing State and federal laws at all times.
    • Board members are bound by the Code of Ethics for School Board Members in discharging their duties and conduct themselves with the highest level of ethics and integrity at all times.
    • Board members communicate respectfully with students, staff, the public, and each other at all times.
    • Board members make decisions and support policies that serve the best interests of all students at all times.

    The primary function of the Board of Education is to establish policies for the district. Policies must align with applicable state and federal law, administrative code, directives from the State Board of Education, and the New Jersey Department of Education. Policies are approved at public meetings of the Board of Education after two readings at two separate meetings, and a vote of the full Board.

    Board of Education members do not engage in the day-to-day operations of the school district, make promises of action to community members, or communicate on behalf of the Board except in consultation with the Board President.

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    Contact information for Hunterdon Central's Board of Education members is included with member information, below.

    2023-2024 Board of Education Members

    District Mission

    The HCRHS Board of Education is guided by, and committed to achieving, the District's mission.

    Hunterdon Central is an innovative educational community dedicated to the intellectual, social, and emotional safety and growth of all students. While fostering curiosity and promoting wellness, we aspire to create powerful learning experiences, establish strong partnerships, and serve as contributing members of society.

    As we work to reach our mission’s destinations of wellness, powerful learning, and partnerships through priorities in equity, personalization, and service, we are embracing a continuous improvement model. This model will enable all of our staff, students, and community members to join us in our efforts.

    District Goals for 2023-2024

    Board Governance Goals for 2023-2024

    Board Meetings and Contacts

    The Board of Education holds regular monthly meetings at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, 84 Route 31, Flemington, New Jersey, generally on the third Monday of the month, at 7:00 PM in the Little Theater. unless otherwise noted. Check the meeting calendar on the left side of this webpage to confirm meeting dates and locations.

    Contact information for each board member is posted in each drop-down bio, above.

    For more information about Board of Education activities, contact Heather Spitzer, Business Administrator/Board Secretary: 908-284-7120 or