Strong Partnerships and Service Road Map & Action Plan

Strong Partnerships and Service Road Map: Discussion and Guidance:

We will measure the impact of our work in Strong Partnerships and Service through:

  • specific items in the New Jersey School Climate Survey
  • student utilization of resources that partnerships offer
  • value earned by students, partners, and the community through partnership and service projects

The road map in this priority focuses on action in the following themes:

  • building a clearinghouse of community education and resources
  • engaging students in community-based service learning and other projects
  • widening communications to and consultation with stakeholders, including alumni

A school can and should be a learning hub for its community. While teaching and learning must always focus on students, the readiness of students to engage in powerful learning requires a community that is fully able to support its youth through that learning. The strongest school communities also recognize that students can be partners in real-world and service learning that brings value back to the community.

To that end, work in these two priorities focuses on bringing students together with the community, and bringing the community together with the school. Naturally, communications are a chief strategy in facilitating this togetherness. We must widen our presence on social media, serve programming and resources through our communications tools that better assist our community in helping our students achieve their goals, and publicize the work of our students and teachers to those who want to know more about it, and who might have help to offer. Communications, then, lead to partnerships, which lead to more authentic learning opportunities for students.

As we expand our school’s presence in the community through partnerships and participation, we can help service and other organizations share knowledge and resources. Our development of a clearinghouse not only assists these organizations in the important contributions that they make, but also brings our students in touch with those contributions. Through those connections, and the resulting community-based learning opportunities, we believe that students will achieve understanding of the service opportunities that exist in their future professions.

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Strong Partnerships & Service Action Plan:

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