Realizing Our Mission

Action Road Maps:

Through student and community focus groups, surveys, leadership retreats, and large working sessions, we have written strategies for reaching our destinations in each of our four priority areas. We have also identified data points that we will use to measure our progress. This section presents these strategies and data points.

In order to promote the innovation required to fully design and implement these strategies, we have given special attention to our organizational structure and to our culture. Our road maps indicate strategies in these two areas with special icons. See the key on each road map. You can find additional discussion on structure and culture after the road maps.

The end of this section provides initial action plans, indicating that some of our initiatives are already underway, particularly those foundational initiatives in culture and structure. We will develop and publish actions plans for the 2019-2020 school year in the summer of 2019.

We have combined strategies for Strong Partnerships and Service in the same road map. As noted in our discussion of Baselines above, we see natural affinities between these two priorities. Not only do they march to similar data points, we find that both priorities represent a focus on student participation in the community. In that participation, we believe that students must explore the intersections between vocation and volunteerism in real-world settings.

We have specified separate strategies under each of our priority areas. However, we insist through our stewardship principles that the most powerful work that we do will advance us toward destinations in all four of our priority areas at once. For that reason, design teams must explore approaches and identify data points that answer needs across all areas. An effort in Wellness, for example, might expand to serve needs in Powerful Learning, Strong Partnerships, and Service. Note that this kind of expansion is not necessary or appropriate for all strategies. Design teams will need to make that determination.

The Expansion of a Wellness Effort