Powerful Learning Road Map & Action Plan

Powerful Learning Road Map: Discussion and Guidance:

We will measure the impact of our work in Powerful Learning through:

  • specific items in the New Jersey School Climate Survey
  • student achievement on assessments of their learning, provided through our program or from state, national, and international partners
  • representation of students in, and mobility of students into, our most advanced curricular programs
  • post-secondary outcomes, and their alignment to family goals for students

The road map in this priority focuses on action in the following themes:

  • creating flexibility to respond to individual student interests, strengths, and goals
  • aligning teacher and organizational practice to support a more personalized approach to learning
  • promoting student reflection on and self-awareness in learning
  • building stronger pathways for pedagogical innovation

Students are first and quick to tell us that they doubt the relevance of all that we ask them to do. We would be foolish to ignore that feedback. Frequent requests from students and their families include magnet programs that offer deeper dives into specific disciplines, more flexible opportunities for earning credit through online and other outside activities, and greater articulation with colleges and universities through dual-enrollment and other cooperative programs.

While we work on these specific suggestions, we also need to provide more flexibility and personalization in every classroom. We do not need a program, an elective, or a magnet program for every student interest. Rather, every student should have every opportunity to pursue interests in every course. This requires pedagogy that focuses on student choice, inquiry, and self-awareness. Every student should achieve a high-enough level of proficiency in a discipline to construct new knowledge, to contribute to the community of learners in that discipline and in our school. Such capstone opportunities will be crucial to the future development of our program.

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Powerful Learning Action Plan:

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