2020 Red Devils Sports Tickets

As we begin the 2020 Red Devils Sports season on October 1, 2020, we are under strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our athletes, coaches, and spectators.

The following Sports Safety Guidelines are in effect:

  • Outdoor events remain limited to 500 people. Currently, the 500-person cap does not include participants on the field of play, including players, cheerleaders, coaches, officials, medical staff, etc.
  • All spectators attending outdoor events must wear face coverings, unless it would inhibit the individual’s health.
  • All spectators must follow social distance guidelines of 6 feet between individuals or family units.
  • Tailgating on school premises is strictly forbidden.

  • There will be no entry to sports events without a ticket.

  • Tickets for all Red Devils Sports must be purchased/registered in advance, using the Electronic Ticket Request (below).
  • Tickets will not be sold at football games.
  • Tickets will be made available to participants (football team members, cheerleaders, marching band members) in advance of the event.


    There will be No refunds or exchanges for tickets. Once tickets are purchased they are valid for the event. If an event is cancelled or postponed your purchased tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date.

    Please click on the link below to purchase tickets to Red Devils Sports. Ticket events will be listed as soon as they are available for purchase.

    Electronic Ticket Request