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Strategic Plan 2018-2019

Hunterdon Central is Planning for the Future.

Our District is currently engaged in a comprehensive strategic planning process. We started by examining our existing mission/vision statement, crafted new language to more accurately convey our purpose and goals, and identified areas of priority to support continued innovation in years to come.

Hunterdon Central identified new directions.

Throughout the Fall and Winter of 2017-2018, groups of parents, students, and staff worked to identify priorities for a new mission statement.

In early 2018, we unveiled a new mission statement:

Hunterdon Central is an innovative educational community dedicated to the intellectual, social, and emotional safety and growth of all students. While fostering curiosity and promoting wellness, we aspire to create powerful learning experiences, establish strong partnerships, and serve as contributing members of society.

Hunterdon central identified four priority areas.

Based on the new mission statement, parents, students and staff worked to clarify four areas of focus.

WELLNESS: All students will take care of themselves and take care of each other.

POWERFUL LEARNING: All students will develop their passions and have choices in our educational program.

ACTIVE PARTNERSHIPS: All students will create and engage in partnerships offering mutual benefit, in communities near and far.

SERVICE: all students will invest in themselves and in one another, for the good of individuals and for the greater good.

Our work during the 2018-2019 school year includes understanding how and what we are already doing in these areas, and then planning for growth in each area. In that work, we recognize that the most powerful programs will be those that help us grow in all four areas at once.

summary report on climate & culture survey:

In the Fall of 2018, parents, students and staff members were given the opportunity to share feedback in the New Jersey School Climate Survey.

In January 2019, Dr. Moore released a summary report of survey findings. Please click on the link to view:

Strategic Planning: Fall 2018 Climate Survey Baseline

We need your feedback ... and your help!

We need everyone's help to ensure the most confident movement in these new directions. Please feel free to share thoughts and offer help.


We believe that relationships represent the strongest foundation of all of the good work that we do in all four of our focus areas. We are excited to forge new relationships and to strengthen the good relationships that we already have in the coming school year.

Strategic Planning Videos:

Please click on the titles below to view a presentation given by Jeffrey Moore, Ed.D., in September 2018:

Strategic Planning: A Process in Education

Part 1: Mission & Destinations

Part 2: Tooling Up for Innovation

Part 3: Important Questions

Part 4: Redefinition & Reinvention